Party recommendations for the Weekend from June 26th to 28th

June 25th, 2015

• Fr 26th 22:00 BEFORE THE CLUB at An einem Sonntag im August
Before you head out for a club, you could warm yourself up at this nice bar/club right in our neighbourhood. The DJ of this evening, Roman Schwarz, has devoted himself totally to Deep & Tech-House.

• Fr 26th MOVE YOUR BODY at Kosmonaut
Famous party series in a club with several in- & outdoor floors. Line-up: youANDme, Click | Click, Michael Placke…

Insiders-tip! The annual BERGMANNSTRASSENFEST will bring you Jazz live on four stages in the West of Kreuzberg. The program starts everyday at 4 p. m.

• Sa 27th CRISTOPHER STREET DAY Start: 12:00 at Kurfürstendamm
The famous parade for Gay/Lesbian rights starts in Westberlin and will end up at the main stage at Brandenburger Tor. This demonstration will be accompanied by several local politicians but also by the ambassadors of the Netherlands, the US, France and Israel amongst others. And of course there are going to be some parties the evening before and after the demonstration;)

• Sa 27th EXQUISITE FEIEREI at Suicide Circus
Famous party series in a club with several in- & outdoor floors and one of the considered best bookings in Berlin. Line-up: GummiHz, Agent!, Dirt Crew, Jen & Berry’s…

Fete Fe La Musique 2015 – 21June

June 19th, 2015
Fete de la musique by Robert Agthe is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Fete de la musique by Robert Agthe is licensed under CC BY 2.0

the fete de la musique is a free festival with hundreds of gigs throughout berlin. tens of thousands people celebrate the longest day of the year with a musical twist. you will find all kinds of concerts, from super small out of the window dj sets to huge gigs with huge names – all for free of course. officially there are only 100 stages, but this wouldn’t be berlin if we wouldn’t top it up with some less official ones.
so, if music is the love of your live, the city belongs to you between 4pm – 10pm

go there – have fun

danke- thank you – merci – gracias- dziękuję

June 16th, 2015

we did it once again!


we are so grateful for being awarded a certificate of excellence
thank you for all of your suggestions, ratings and ideas to make our lovely hostel even better.
we try hard, but it is easy for us, because we do it for you – our lovely guests!



Berlin Beer Week – 13.06. – 20.06.2015

June 12th, 2015



it’s me again. today’s topic is my favourite topic, beer. good beer.
germany’s purity law! yes we know. good quality, safe to drink etc. BUT IT KILLS FLAVOUR. pilsener is a fantastic beer which you will not regret drinking. however, you will probably forget about it because it’s plain boring.
next week is perfect for all of us who have a distinctive taste and love their tastebuds. from tomorrow on, for one week all micro breweries, craft beer pubs and hop aficionados unite their powers to give us an unique chance to enjoy a new side of beer. click here for more info and enjoy yourself (it’s later than you think)

torstrassen festival 2015 (13+14 june)

June 9th, 2015
torstrasse-not necessarily a beauty

torstrasse-not necessarily a beauty

party people!

i blogged about torstrasse a while ago.
it is one forgotten boulevard of Berlin, loud, harsh and dirty. Now there are loads of new stores and restaurants for a hip urban crowd. the traffic is still compelling though.

if you love city life and festival this one festival is for you!
almost all bars and clubs participate. there will be music, there will be arts , there will be laughter.
go there, have fun

5th June: let’s party with wladimir, yuriy and olga

June 2nd, 2015

(C) Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0


russendisko is one of the most consistent and entertaining parties in berlin. it was founeded by wladimir kaminer, a russian author and bonvivant  who has been livin in our lovely neighbourhood, prenzlauer berg, since early ninities. this unregular event is a great combination of everything we love in an unpretentious manner. this time it is hosted by  our all time favourite bassy club on schönhauser alle. this is quite conveninet. you will be able to get back home without leaving your phone in a cab.



freakishly long berlin summer days

May 31st, 2015


this is definitely the best time to visit our lovely city. it is not getting dark – literally – it is not getting dark. you go out to party, it’s not dark yet, you go home – it’s bright. the power of the summer skies is the most scenic thing i’ve ever seen. the colours range from bright orange to purple to baby blue. this spectacular sights are caused by, yes you knew it already, pollution. however, the particals in the air derive from nature. berlin is surrounded by sandy soil.
enough of that – come to berlin . it is fantastic

bork! bork! bork!

May 26th, 2015

Pöpcørn time


welcome to our lovely kitchen guys. whether you are a professional chef or a traveller with a tight budget, make yourself at home in the centre of our lovely hostel. we have pots, pans, all kind of spices waiting for you and a dishwasher if you are too lazy to do the dishes. ( but at least try to )
for all of you who want to safe on accmodation: cook a dish of your choice and get a bed for free – just ask us how it works. and for all of you who really know how to cook, as the receptionist if they are hungry ( yes, we are! )
enjoy your stay and see you soon


May 20th, 2015
the one and only neil numb

the one and only neil numb


from time to time we need some good ol’ laughter. however, good comedy is hard to find in berlin. we do have techno, walls and some kinky stuff . humour is not our strongest point of sale. thankfully this wonderful city is inhabited by wonderful people from all over the world. the location, griessmühle,  is more known as a techno temple, they have a lovely outdoor area too! Doors open at 18.00 german time. along comedy, there will be  for BBQ, Side Show & DJs and beer.
S-Neukölln – follow the laughter

go there, have fun

Braufest Berlin 2015

May 15th, 2015

braufest berlin


if you know my blog, you know i like to rant about german beer. “it’s so boring – i fall asleep while drinking”. there is an alternative – there is a light. lovely people with lovely tastebuds have discovered the craft beers. the scene has started out slowly, but is getting bigger and bigger.
to check out their latest creations, go to the braufest berlin. located in one of my favourite spots in berlin, the RAW temple, from the 14th till the 17th may there will be beer!
let the games begin. Roughly 20 breweries will be participating and there is enough room to present themselves and their beers.
go to S-warschauer strasse for all the fun


neue heimat belin