1 SQM House in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

The 1 SQM House

The cheapest place to stay in Berlin and an extraordinary experience!


The Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel invented the smallest House of the world, the 1 squaremeter house.  It was designed especially for the Guggenheim LAB, which is an open air festival all about design, innovation, do it yourself culture and gentrification in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

What is a One SQM House, what does it look like and how does it function as a house?? In the next lines I would like to give you an idea.

The One SQM House is made out of wood. The construction is waterproof, it has a slide-window and a lockable slide-door. It also has a small for your laptop. Inside the tiny house you´ll find a chair and a matress (180 x 70 cm). In order to sleep you can easily turn the house on its side. It is perfect for people up to 1.75m.

What is really special about this house is that you can easily move it from one place to another. The house weighs only 40 kg, it has rolls, it fits through doors, in elvators and also in the Berlin subway. So you can move the house to your favorite spot, even without using a car.

The Inventor of the One SQM House, with this project, he wants to enable people from all over the globe with low income but a big curiosity to experience Berlin and the program of the BMW Guggenheim Lab (all the workshops are for free!)

have a closer look at the one sqm house, klick here for some fotos.

The EastSeven Hostel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg really likes this project and therefore offered to be a homebase for the people that are spending a night in the 1 SQM House.  At the hostel you can leave your luggage in our secured storage room. Also you are welcome to use our kitchen, our bathroom and you can get a code for the Wireless internet. We have a small bar where you can get hot and cold drinks for small prices.

How does it work?

The Costs are extreem low, for 1€ per night you can sleep in the 1 SQM House.

For this you get a key to a 1 SQM House, you can use the showers and the kitchen at EastSeven, and you are free to use the Wifi at EastSeven and in the BMW Guggenheim LAb area.

Please don´t forget to bring your own sleeping bag!

How to apply?

If you want to stay a night in the One SQM House you need to apply first. You can do so by visiting the EastSeven Hostel Facebook site and leave a message on our wall starting with : ´´I need the ONE SQM HOUSE because….“  The most original, awesome and provocatove ideas will make it.

Also you can apply by contacting Van Bo directly.

If you like you can apply with another friend for two houses.

We are looking forward to your posts on our facebook wall! Hope to see you soon in the 1 SQM house!

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