Berlin 2010

The 7th edition of “100° Berlin” will be celebrated for four days:

More than 120 free Berlin-based theatre and performance groups show their plays, (lecture) performances or installations in an hourly rhythm, making the public sweat, as a minimum of three performances can be attended simultaneously!

The inauguration evening will present, among others, a  Error” Mittelhammer Langenbein will not only thematise the all-determining fate, but also the mysteries of Berlin’s underground. Many other productions will add to this topic, for example the musical stage version of “Paul und Paula – eine Legende” by theaterkosmos 53. And with dolls at hand Das Helmi won’t be far away – it will be showing “Am Kotti – Vier Fäuste für einen Turnschuh”, developed in collaboration with the Niederlausitz Elementary School.

With “Der Indiensimulator” the Flinntheater serves a Masala made up with theatre, performance and inter-cultural training, while Tanja Knauf, Stella Maxeiner and their guest Robin Arthur from Forced Entertainment ask the question whether they would prefer to be “Blind oder taub” (“Blind or deaf”). The performers from skart reflect on the micro- macro cosmos “love” and add up a collage of self-composed songs, lyrics and costumes to become the multimedia performance “Galactic Gigolo”. Along with two musicians the author Darja Stocker drives “Gedankenslalom zum Widerstand”, and in “Aufstellen” Riebort/Merten examine the artistic-cathartic potential of Hamlet’s pedigree.

Wolfram Sander et al. embark on a journey to their own roots: In the anti-revue “Wenn ich einmal groß bin… oder wie wir wurden was wir sind” they examine the dreams and imaginations that children have about their own future. On the other hand Peng Palast!, whose production “HamletMASSIV” is about three unemployed brothers, ask very contemporary questions, and subsequently half of their texts will be improvised on the basis of daily news.

Naturally this year will also have a conversation every evening with two renowned midnight speakers, offering the possibility to relax a bit after so much input: On Thursday the Maiden Monsters from Berlin, Tokyo and Rapid City/South Dakota will open the party marathon of this year’s Festival according to the motto: “Don’t fall in love with the guitarist – FUCK the guitarist!”. Those who are used to taking a Sunday stroll at the flea market are already familiar with Joe Hatchiban, the bearpit karaoke-star from Mauerpark. Now also at HAU will he provide for his incomparably good mood and hand over the microphone to people who love to sing – don’t be shy!

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04 until 07 March 2010 / HAU 1 / HAU 2 / HAU 3
04.03.: 19.00 pm
05.03.: 18:00 pm
06. and 7.03.: 16 pm

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(Text: Hebbel-am-ufer.de)

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