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Monday, June 28th, 2010

Summer Berlin

Summer Berlin

…finally summer is here

Summer in Berlin is great, there are a lot of cool beach bars to hang out during the day and night time…

EastSeven´s TOP 5:

1. Bar 25
the best open air club in town. great dj´s playing great electronic tunes…enjoy music coktails and more with a perfect view over the river spree
2. Kiki Blofeld
amazingly cool open air bar with an indoor club. Opens daily at 2pm
Great reggea parties!
An important element of the YAAM is the decoration and the artistic development – inspired by Jim Avignon, who initially influenced the visual appearance enourmously.
This setting offers painters, sprayers, photographers and
others a chance to present their work to a broad audience.
fettes Bild since 04, at the road.. !very long picture!
4.Badeschiff & Hoppetosse
enjoy a beach feeling, cool down in one of the coolest pools in town, floathing on the river spree! all the cool people come here!
5. Deck 5
rooftop beachbar….a bit difficult to find, that´s why its still a bit of a secret spot, which is cool. Go to the Schönhauser Arcaden shopping mall. Take the elevator to the 5th floor…and there you´ll have it: sun coktails and a great view…

Hope you will enjoy your stay in Berlin!!!
For more cool recommendations check our online staff-recommendations!

What to do in Berlin this weekend?

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


bbq party @ eastseven

bbq party @ eastseven

EastSeven Berlin Hostel made you a top 10 of some amazing events in parties for this weekend!

Are you coming to Berlin for the weekend? And you don´t have any plans yet? Just read on, to find out some of our personal recommendations on parties and events in Berlin.

The EastSeven Top 10

On Friday:



a list that sums up a couple of nice places where you could watch the games:

* from the 26th of june till the finales at the 11th of July, all games will be broadcasted and shown to a big audience, between Brandenburg Gate and the Yitzhak-Rabin-Straße.There is no entrance fee!!!
* close to the hostel, you´ll find the Pfefferberg. All games will be shown here. this place is famous for its multiculti audience. No entrance Fee.
*  Another option, also not far from the EastSeven Hostel, is the kulturbrauerei:they offer: a big LED Screen, cold beer and great sausages!

Begin at: 18:00
Open End


only 8 euros !

Panorama Bar Efdemin Album Release „Chicago“
Efdemin – Dial
Rndm – Dial
Map.ache & Sevensol (kann)

Begin at: 00:00
Open End


I ♥ SHARKS Dancepunk . Indie . Berlin
DADAJUGEND POLYFORM Elektrorock . Nürnberg+Erlangen


Begin at: 23:00
End at: 23:59


You Look Good (Disko/ Party )

On Saturday:


The Berlin Biennale is the forum for contemporary art in one of the most attractive cities for art. Taking place every other year at changing locations throughout Berlin it is shaped by the different concepts of well-known curators appointed to enter into a dialogue with the city, its general public, the people interested in art as well as the artists of this world.


Flowing (Audioware Rec./ Amsterdam)
Kinder Live PA (Audioware Rec./ Berlin)
Photy (Audioware Rec./ Köln)
Danilo Schneider (Audiware Rec./ Berlin)
Björn Larsen (Partysan/ Berlin)

Steinmüller (Phunkit Rec., Quanted Rec./ Berlin)
Alfred Brumme (Quanted Rec.)
Felix Würz (Partysan/ Berlin)

Begin at: 00:00


Being Singular Plural: Moving Images from India

Being Singular Plural: Moving Images from India is oriented toward coproducing new work, facilitating research, and assembling a community of practitioners. A resolutely heterogeneous and ultimately unresolved exhibition, it attempts to avoid some of the pitfalls of surveying contemporary production in a given region. The exhibition brings together a number of moving-image works by a select group of media practitioners who currently live in India and who are working in film or video rather than “new media.” These images do not serve as windows onto the world, nor point to any transcendent truths, but are presented as they are, distinguished by their evidence. Jean-Luc Nancy formulates the screen as a “sensitive membrane [that] stretches and hangs between a world in which representation . . . [is] in charge of the signs of truth, of the heralding of a meaning, or of the warrant of a presence to come; and another world that opens onto its presence through a voiding where its thoughtful evidence realizes itself.” The act of “voiding” or emptying out of representation, which is the resting place of evidence, points ontologically to the moving image as an end in itself rather than a means to an end that may lie outside of its surface. This embodiment of truth as it resides within the very structure and materiality of the image (or idea) overturns previous expectations of how the moving image communicates with the world. The artist-filmmakers Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya of Desire Machine Collective, Shumona Goel with Shai Heredia, Amar Kanwar, and Kabir Mohanty reveal a craft that is based on the principles of practice, process, and perception. In each instance, the singularly plural and plurally singular nature of being and of art remains central.

open: daily from 10 till 20

Unter den Linden 13-15

On Sunday:


Sunday is fleamarket day. Close to the hostel (500 m)you find the Arkonaplatz Fleamarket and the famous Mauerpark fleamarket. You don´t want to buy something – no problem you first of all go there to see all kind of urban subjects with hangover and even sober ones. Berliners go there – you should as well.

Begin at: 11:00
End at: 16:59


Tatjana, Mark Ernestus w/ Tikiman, Errorsmith, DJ Pete

…on the Killasan sound system.
East Carribean food available from Cris’s roadside cuisine.

Begin at: 18:00
Open End


sunday morning you should go out for a brunch, and spend at least 2hours on eating and drinking….

there is a very good brunch-buffet at the bar Gagarin (knaackstrasse 22)

also at the Entweder Oder (oderbergerstrasse 15)

Hope you now have some nice ideas on what to do in Berlin! If you are looking for more information on events, festivals and concerts in Berlin, just check out our online staff-recommendations!

Fete de la Musique berlin 2010

Monday, June 21st, 2010
events in berlin

events in berlin

the festival for live music, all around town!

this amazing event takes place every year, on the 21st of june, the day the summer begins…..

Special about this festival is, all artists play for free! It is an open air festival, a lot of different bands with different musical styles will perform and turn the city into one big live open air stage!

For the complete programm of the festival klick HERE

Close to the EastSeven Hostel you will find the fete de la musique at the mauerpark, at bassy cowboy club and ZumDrittenman (kollwitzstrasse/sredzkistrasse)

The festival starts at 4pm, and will approxiamtely end at 10pm….after this there will be afterparties at many different locations….fete de la nuit!

For more information on events and parties in Berlin please check our online staff-recommendations!

Hope to see you soon in Berlin!!

Mondays at EastSeven Berlin Hostel….

Monday, June 14th, 2010

free food party!

free food party!

there is a free dinner party at the hostel kitchen

it´s always a great thing to be staying in Berlin @ the EastSeven Hostel on a monday!

For over a year now the EastSeven Berlin Hostel offers her guests a free meal on mondays….So there is no need for a monday evening to be boring!!

Our cook Florian is simply the best! He knows the best recipies and makes every vegetarian dinner tasty and delicious.

If you want to learn some of Florians cooking-tricks then make sure to meet up with the cook at about 7pm at the hostel kitchen! Because then the cooking WORKSHOP starts!

It´s a lot of fun, and it´s the best way to meet other travelers.

At the reception, our friendly receptionists sell the best german beer, between 8 and 10 pm  for only 1€, it´s amazing!

To give you an impression of the Dinner party check out the VIDEO we recently made:

After the dinner party go to one of the nice clubs and bars that surround the hostel! For instance you could go to DR.Pong…That´s always fun! Here you can play table tennis all night long, drink  beer and enjoy the great electronic music!

If  you are coming to Berlin you are more than welcome to stay at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel! Please check the website to find out about availability. Also check out our online staff-recommendations to see what´s going on in the capitol of germany!

Visual Berlin Festival 2010

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Berlin 2010

Berlin 2010

From June 10-12 Berlin’s original Videokunst Club Visual Berlin presents the Visual Berlin Festival

Berlin’s original Videokunst Club, Visual Berlin reflects the
richness of the city. With members from nine countries it is
a diverse family bound together by a shared commitment to
the progression of the projected image. Founded in 2005 the
collective has become an institution in Berlin with members
specializing in everything from underground party visuals
to hardware-hacking, programmed arts, experimental
performance and media philosophy. The group includes
established local VJs as well as internationally renowned
artists and AV performers who collectively illuminate countless
venues and stages across Berlin every week.
Since 2003 members of Visual Berlin have hosted international
artist meetings and exchanges, promoting a network
of dialogue and support across the global visual community.
In 2010 they proudly present their third installment in one of
the city‘s most fascinating industrial spaces: the legendary
Tresor complex.

AVIT BERLIN 2010 10.11.12 JUNE

Three days of exploration into the evolution of screen
culture and expanded visual and performance possibilities,
with seminars, AV performances and special presentations
by guest artists from across Europe.
Guided projects and advanced workshops in audiovisual
creation and performance (Incite), performance technologies
VDMX (fRED), Modul8 (Synsinplus and Ilan Katin),
CoGe(Lumabeamerz) and visual programming environments,
Processing (Kim Asendorf), VVVV (Tonfilm, Cyper),
Quartz Composer (GOTO10). Plus hardware hacking and circuit
bending (goto80, Tonylight, Servando Barreiro), surface
mapping (Neon Golden) and more

All workshops are offered for just €10 and require no preregistration.
A discounted ticket for the entire festival workshop
program is available. Lectures, research and discussion
on live cinema, performance and social and technical topics
related to AV performance will be presented daily and are
The Festival Opening party transforms the Betahaus front
lounge. The night kicks off with live AV performances
from Lance Blisters (USA) and a stunning new audiovisual
performance from FF & FRZ (FR) aka EXYZT. Guest VJ sets,
surface mapping and open jams follow with sonic pleasure
provided by MoGreens, Carlo von LynX, Seagle and Monkeyking.

Friday night it‘s music versus visual projections as Visual
Berlin proudly presents ‚Breaking The Vault‘ an audiovisual
onslaught across both floors of the legendary Tresor club.
Upstairs in the Globus Bar, Techno Geeks battle Pixel Freaks
for a night of 8bit/Chiptunes/Electro with internationally renowned
acts such as Goto80 (Bleepstreet, SWE) vs. Raquel
Meyers (LightRhythmVisuals, ES) and Stu (SWI ) vs. Decrepticon
(VisualBerlin, US) and Tonilight (IT) vs Notendo (US).
Meanwhile downstairs it‘s Local Heroes vs. Outside Punks in
the Dubstep Bassment; Berlin stalwarts Tanith, Saetchmo,
Fassa Ben and Mr. Boogie battle it out against a carefully
selected team of guests artists from across Europe. Brace
Saturday evening starts early with a very special showcase
of transdisciplinary performances from Electromoon, Aude
Francoise & Servando Barreiro, Rafael,
übermutanty, Rep, Nohista, Instant Delay, and ExLex, in the
serene contemporary setting of the Collegium Hungarian
Then the party moves just down the road to DMY Festival‘s
official closing party at the Picknick Club. VisualBerlin continue
their collaboration with DMY with VisualBerlin Festival
VJs gracing all 4 stages of Picknick plus AV acts Incite (HH),
Abstract Sound Project (FR) and many more VJs from Berlin
and beyond.
Full details available at: