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ITB BERLIN 2011, the world´s leading travel trade show from 9-13 March

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011



Staying in Berlin during this time? Then pay a visit to the ITB Travel Trade Show.

At the ITB you will find information on everything that has to do with travelling. From hotels to tour operators,from destinations to booking systems.
They will show how travelers can make the most out of their vacation.

Ofcourse the ITB is the place to be for trade-visitors. It offers a teriffic opportunity for business people to meet business partners and to do business. This is the time and the place to learn about new trends, explore new concepts and cooperation possibilities. But beside this, the ITB gives the visitor a unique chance to explore and discover the world within a couple of hours.

There is a seperated hall reserved soley for Youth travel, ECOtourism, Adventure tarvel, economy accomodation and travel for disabled people. You can imagine how big this trade show is! There is so much to see and learn. Luckily the exhibition area is clearly structured, divided into geographical aspects and markt segments.

Other things you will find at the ITB are for instance: Training and Employement in Tourism, wellness, Travel technology, culture tourism and wellness.

A map of the exhibition grounds can be found here KLICK.

The ITB has over 10000 exhibitors from 180 different countries, and more than 180000 visitors. It´s easy to tell that the ITB is the leading B2B Platform of all tourism.

For a complete programm of events at the ITB klick HERE!

For a complete programm of the convention klick HERE!

Hope to see you soon in Berlin at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel .

For more events in Berlin check our online staff-recommendations!!

What to do in Berlin?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011



On Mondays and Wednesdays it´s FREE DINNER PARTY at EastSeven

This is thé opportunity for you to meet other travelers and share your travel-experiences while enjoying a nice cheap dinner!

We started with our ´free food on mondays´ about two years ago. And now, as we see how fun these evenings are, we decided to do another free food event on wednesdays!

Here is in short how it works:

• Sign up at the reception till Monday 15h00
• Meet us in the lounge at 19h00
• You´re welcome to help us
• Feel free to bring your own extra ingredients
• We sell drinks at the reception

The big plus is, you get free food and  in the meantime you can get in touch with others.  During the free dinner there is always a happy hour for beer at the reception. We serve some of germanies finest beers, like Augustiner and Berliner Kindl. And than after eating & drinking you can start exploring the vivid prenzlauer berg neighbourhood. Ask your fellow travelers to join you or go on one of the many pub crawls Berlin has to offer.

For more input and information on what to do in Berlin don´t hesitate and ask our friendly staff at the reception. Also check our online staff-recommendations. Here you´ll find recommendations from all the receptionists and it gives you an insight in how the spend there time and what they like to do in Berlin.

That´s all for now, enjoy your stay in Berlin and I hope to welcome you soon to the EastSeven Berlin Hostel.

Our wintertime TOP 10 of Events in Berlin

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011



The EastSeven Berlin Hostel made you an amazing top 10 of cost-free activities and events in Berlin this winter.

Berlin is an exciting capitol, where lots of events are being organized all through the year. Some of these events are free of admission.
So if you are traveling on a low budget, like a lot of backpackers staying in hostels do, read on! You will be able to have a great time in berlin without spending too much money :) .

1. Visit the Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum.
When visiting Berlin, you should visit some historical sites aswell. for instance the sachsenhausen concentration camp. It’ s not going to be a fun trip, but you will learn so much more about the terrible second world war and its victims.
Opening Hours: 15 October until 14 March: daily 8:30 – 16:30. Entry is for free.
2. Visit the Mauerpark fleamarket, every sunday! You will find a lot of nice bargains there! Besides that, there is food, music and a lot of young people enjoying a lazy sunday together! The market is within walking distance from the hostel.
3. EastSide Gallery, is a 1.3km-long section of the wall near the center of Berlin. Approximately 106 paintings by artists from all over the world cover this memorial for freedom and make it the largest open air gallery in the world.

4. The Berlin Wall Documentation Centre is one component of the memorial site ensemble at Bernauer Strasse. The ensemble consists of the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Chapel of Reconciliation and Documentation Center.
The Documentation Center on the history of the Berlin Wall provides historical information and educates the public. It makes information and in-depth programs available to the interested public. Beginning with the historical, political events that occurred at Bernauer Strasse, an area situated at the border between East and West and hence a focal point of German postwar history, the center researches and presents the history of the division of Germany. A visit is free of charge and really worthwhile!
5. Ping pong bar, Dr. Pong, at the Eberswalder straße. You pay a deposit of 5€ to get a bat , and then you just start playing table tennis with evryone that is there! Its definately a great deal of FUN!
6. Don´t miss out on the monday & wednesday evening cooking events at the EastSeven Hostel. The food is for free, it´s vegetarian and 100% delicious. Our cook Florian makes the best food in town! Its also a nice opportunity to meet up with other travelers.
7. Go on a walking tour to visit all important sights in Berlin. Just take the Brewers walking tour, they come to pick you up every day at 12.45 from our hostel.
8. The stasi prison in Berlin Hohenschönhausen is free of admission on mondays.The Memorial’s charter specifically entrusts it with the task of researching the history of the Hohenschönhausen prison between 1945 and 1989, supplying information via exhibitions, events and publications, and encouraging a critical awareness of the methods and consequences of political persecution and suppression in the communist dictatorship. The former Stasi remand prison is also intended to provide an insight into the workings of the GDR’s political justice system.
Since the vast majority of the buildings, equipment and furniture and fittings have survived intact, the Memorial provides a very authentic picture of prison conditions in the GDR. The Memorial’s location in Germany’s capital city makes it the key site in Germany for victims of communist tyranny.
9. Holocaust Memorial. Berlins ultra-controversial memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe, 2,711 concrete blocks jutting off at offensive and suffocating angles. Co-incidentally only a stones throw away from the site of Adolf Hitlers former underground lair, the Führerbunker.
10.Reichstag – The German parliament building,
re-opened in 1999 after the government and most of the ministries moved from Bonn to Berlin. British architect Lord Norman Foster redesigned this place, complete with a huge glass dome with public access, so you can watch the politicians at work.

If you need more help and inspiring ideas for planning your berlin city trip make sure to also check out our online staff-recommendations. Also just come ask our friendly staff at the reception. Hope to see you all soon in Berlin at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!

Now in Berlin: Transmediale!!!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011


transmediale.11 is going to take place at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin from
1st until 6th February 2011.

Under the title RESPONSE:ABILITY it is presenting a dynamic programme with
more than 150 multidisciplinary projects, devoting themselves to the radical changes of our digital age.
Due to the new quality of mobile communication technologies and real-time media as well as the presence
of social networks we are immediately connected with people, events and venues all over the
world. With this year’s slogan RESPONSE:ABILITY the transmediale.11 reflects to what extent this connected
hyper presence influences our living together, our work processes and political actionability. Beyond
that it will be discussed which strategies and abilities are necessary to react to these developments.
In form of lectures, performances, workshops, screenings, concerts and art installations transmediale. 11
presents an interdisciplinary forum for discussion which invites the visitor to interact. In the context of the
conference BODY:RESPONSE international renowned speakers including , Franco ‚BIFO‘ Berardi, Tim
Etchells, Jordan Crandall and Carolyn Guertin will lecture. Audio-visual live performances will present et
al. People Like Us, Cécile Babiole & Vincent Goudard and Ei Wada at the performance programme
LIVE:RESPONSE. The film- and video programme SyncExistence will screen in total 58 new works as well
as rare and historical works by artists like Lynn Hershmann Leeson, Ho Tzu Nyen and Sergei Komarov.
Furthermore the HacKaWay Zone will establish an experimental room for art, workshops and performances
of artist like Paul Vanouse, UBERMORGEN.COM and Daito Manabe. In the Open Zone artists, scientists
and activists like Heath Bunting, FakePress, and Elizabeth Stark will create interactive, open
workspaces, workshops and stages which are symbolizing the open culture. This programmatical focus on
open and collaborative structures is reflected in the comprehensive approach of the festival. Everything is
connected with each other and fluent crossings are developing in which the participants get active in the
different emphases of transmediale.11.
transmediale RESPONSE : ABILITY Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin 1.-6. Februar 2011
transmediale is a project by in cooperation with Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation
festival for art and digital culture berlin
Tue 1.2.2011 at 6 pm
Duration and Opening hours
2. – 6.2.2011, daily 10 am – 22 pm
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin
tm Festival-Pass: 80 Euro / 45 Euro concessions
tm Day-Ticket: 25 Euro / 18 Euro concessions
tm/CTM Combined-Pass: 105 Euro / 80 Euro concessions
Conference: 7 Euro / 5 Euro concessions
Performance: 12 Euro / 8 Euro concessions
Film + Video: 7 Euro / 5 Euro concessions