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Dark times in Berlin! Nacht & Nebel Festival 2011 brings enlightment!

Monday, October 31st, 2011



Nacht & Nebel Neukölln

Nacht und Nebel Neukölln- A night full of exciting art & culture
This year´s Nacht und Nebel Neukölln takes place on Saturday the 5th of November, it´s the tenth edition of the Neukölln Cultural Festival.

Nacht und Nebel is an ART and Cultural Festival and gives us an insight in the vivid and upcoming artscene in Neukölln. There will be shows and performances in over a 110 different locations in the northern part of Neukölln.

You are curious what is on the menu? Count on dance, workshops, performances, theater, music, film etc. etc. There are all kinds of different exhibitions in the many ateliers, galleries bars and cafe´s in Neukölln.  Expect the unexpected!

Start you night with watching a movie or a theater show and end it on one of the many parties.

An amazing feature of the festival, besides that most of the shows and performances are free of any charge; there is taken care of free transportation by taxis for all the festivals visitors! Feel like a star and let yourself be driven from one location to the next by one of the many special festival cabs, and this service is for free!

Nacht und Nebel starts at 6pm at the Schillerpalais,
Klick here to see the FULL PROGRAMM.
To guide the visitors through the Nacht und Nebel night the organizers created two different routes.To view KLICK HERE. Alongside these 2 routes you will find the special CABS, they will drive you around for free and you can hop on and hop off and move from gallery to bar, to atelier…

The difference to most of the Art-festivals is that during the Nacht & Nebel Night you as a visitor have the opportunity to talk with the different artists. Most of the anticipating artist live in Neukölln, and through their art they reflect on the social-problems in this Berlin neighbourhood.
In this way they pay an important contribution to the local community.
For most of the performances and exhibitions there is no entrance – fee to be payed.


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Berlin’s Top 5 Music Venues

Monday, October 31st, 2011

This was a difficult list to compile on account of the vast, vast, vast number of quality and iconic music venues in a city brimming with artistic flair and vibrancy. Nevertheless after scouring the streets, leaving no stone unturned, here is a round-up of Berlin’s top five music venues. Feel that we’ve missed something? Let us know, we appreciate your feedback.

berghain by achimbodewig_flickr


Berghain & Panorama Bar
An obvious choice, but without doubt one of the most awe-inspiring clubs in the world, let alone in Berlin, and for good reason. Built just along the former East/West border in Friedrichshain, Berghain is the techno-lover’s Mecca. Every Friday the upstairs Panorama bar opens, housing some of the most prominent electronic artists from across the globe. The door policy can be notoriously picky, but if your vibe is open and your demeanour calm you shouldn’t have any problems. Oh, and no cameras – ever. The memory of your visit will have to suffice, and it just adds to the intrigue, doesn’t it?
Rüdersdorfer Straße 70 10243 Berlin | Tel. 030 29360210 | U-Bahn: Weberweise

(c)andreas hagerman

Weekend Club (Sky Club)
For those who like their party with a side-order of panoramic views of Berlin, the Weekend Club may well be the perfect location for you. Set on the 12th – 15th floor of a high-rise building in Alexanderplatz, and housing some of the most prominent DJs in the world, the Weekend Club is now three floors of prime party runway with LED displays, a gigantic open air terrace and breathtaking views of the city and beyond.
Alexanderplatz 5 10178 Berlin| Tel.030 24631676 | U-Bahn: Alexanderplatz



One of West Berlin’s oldest and most renowned Jazz clubs, Quasimodo has all the dark and smoky charm of a Mississippi Delta Jazz bar and grill, attracting iconic artists like Roy Hargrove and homegrown talent like Jocelyn B Smith alike. Quasimodo really shine during Black History Month in February when act after act of renowned jazz talent play every evening. Also on the menu is soul, blues, latin and funk on various occasions throughout the year. Jazz fanatics and music fans in general will find a place in their hearts for Quasimodo.
Kantstr. 12a, 10623 Berlin – Charlottenburg | Tel: 312 8086, Fax: 312 24 39 | S+U Zoologischer Garten |



White Trash Fast Food
Do you like a healthy portion of rock and roll with your steak or burger? Then White Trash is the place for you. Regular frequented by rock’n’roll royalty (no less than Lemmy from Motorhead) and Berlin rock hipsters, White Trash is part restaurant and bar and part live music venue, for established acts and newcomers alike. The food is delicious, the atmosphere friendly, and if you’re feeling really brave you can head to the on-site tattoo parlour to mark the occasion! For a more detailed review and an interview with a of a member of staff check out the article on the Oh-Berlin blog. Schönhauser Allee 6/7 10119 Berlin | Tel. 030 50348668 | U-Bahn: Rosa-Luxemburg Platz


For the big acts, and I mean big acts (MJ and the Rolling Stones), Waldbühne is the perfectly whimsical woodland setting. The Waldbühne is a great open air stage, with an amphitheatre feel to it, in a gorgeous green belt near Olympiastadion. A much cosier venue in comparison to other Arena style settings, the acoustics and sound quality is legendary of Waldbühne. Also used as a classical venue and open air cinema in the summer months, the versatility of Waldbüne only adds to its charm.
Am Glockenturm , 14053 Berlin – Charlottenburg | S-Bahn Pichelsberg, U2 Olympia-Stadion |

For regular updates on events, info, guides, tours and all other things Berlin visit the Oh-Berlin blog or visit their facebook page.



Top 10 of Parties for the coming weekend, from Friday the 28th till Sunday the 30th!

Monday, October 24th, 2011




Joyfull partying in Berlin! Just read our insider tips:

As we are always very concerned about our guests, we want to keep you posted on the coolest parties this weekend in Berlin. Some of the coolest clubs like Berghain and Tresor are listed up with fantastic parties. Read on and make sure to be in Berlin this weekend!!

A thing you need to know, to make your party night perfect: Clubs in Berlin usually open around midnight, don´t go to early, than you will find an empty dancefloor! Rather go to some nice bars and pubs to warm up! The night is young and in Berlin you can really party till you drop :)!

1.Klubnacht – P.A.S Record Release Party at Berghain/Panorama Bar: This Saturday!!

Berghain is THE most legendary club in Berlin!

The party starts at midnight!
Here is the address:

Am Wriezener Bahnhof; Friedrichshain; 10243 Berlin
Damage: 12 Euro
Klubnacht – Planetary Assault Systems Rec Release – The Messenger
Planetary Assault Systems (live)
Norman Nodge
James Ruskin

Matthew Styles
Derrick Carter
Luke Solomon
Chris Duckenfield (Swag)

2. Magnet Club
A cool club that comes with great party nights. Indie rock and electro music!
The club is located close to a lot of nice smaller bars! Our advice is to go to a couple of bars, to warm up first, and then go to the club for a good dance!

3. Gretchen, a brand new CLUB!!


The club is divided into two separate locations, BOX 1 and BOX 2, with each their own LINE UP:

Fukkk Offf (Coco Machete) *live*
Schluck Den Druck
(Im Rausch mit Freunden) *live*
The Sexinvaders
(Television Rocks Records/Pink-Pong)
Nighty Max (YALL/Razzmatazz Barcelona/ES)
Noise Up (YALL/Razzmatazz Barcelona/ES)
Luke Redford (Streetparade/CH)
Ryan Riot (Streetparade/CH)
Dä Kneter (Yes Techno/CH)
Digitate (Pink-Pong)
Masaje (Stuttgart Kaputtraven)
Dee Clit vs Moritz Beck

The Stereo Youth (Pink-Pong/CH)
Frag Maddin (Pink-Pong)
Edwar Ean (Pink-Pong)

Vblaster (YALL/Razzmatazz Barcelona/ES)
Montage Sauvage (Pratersauna Wien/AT)


start your Saturday night with awesome FAST FOOD!! The best burgers in town. Even the vegetarian Burgers are TOP!
Afterwards go dancing in the diamond lounge, it´s the white noise club!

Programm for this Saturday:

THE EARLY SHOW live: EGOTRONIC (Elektropunk – Berlin) RELEASEKONZERT ZU “MACHT KEINEN LÄRM” at the Diamond Lounge


live: RICHMOND FONTAINE (Americana/Country/Rock – US) + Dolorean (solo) at the Restaurant
+ DJ MIGNON (Rock/Metal – US)


WHITE NOISE CLUB at the Diamond Lounge


A truly famous club, Tresor, located close to  Staion Jannowitzbrücke, in a huge old fabric hall!
This Saturdayit is  Partysan Night, doors open at midnight!
GLOBUS:     Solee (Parquet Recordings)
Marco Fender (Supdub Records)
Andy Kohlmann (Lordag Records)
Danilo Schneider (Enough, Brouqade)
Fred Brumme (Partysan)

TRESOR:     Djane Crusty (Crusty Sounds)
Felix Würz (Partysan)
DJ Tuulz (Partysan)

In the years-long tradition of our lengthy friendship and cooperation with the mighty Partysan crew, we welcome them once again in our home to push some musical limits, bring your body to new dancing dimensions and as usual, break through genres and styles with a program that offers something for everyone’s taste. The night holds very special delights on the Globus Floor: the esteemed Parquet Recording chief  Solee aka Normen Flaskamp; plus Marco Fender, Andy Kohlmann, Danilo Schneider and Fred Brumme. Making your way downstairs and through the tunnel, you will recognize the Crusty Sounds of Djane Crusty and two Partysan residents Felix Würz and DJ Tuulz rockin’ the basement walls to the maximum, creating a Saturday night atmosphere of pure techno magic à la Partysan – brought to you by Tresor.

6. Klub der Republik
Dance Dance Dance! Dj´s Knueppel & Kabolz!

Disco Wave House Tech 70´s to now!

This club is within walking distance from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel! It has a real GDR FLAIR.  Ask our staff at the reception for directions :)!

7.Let´s Just Pretend It´s Summer @ LIDO

MIT (Coop)
MASHPIT (Kuschelweich Records)

8. We Don’t Stop at Golden Gate

Line-up /
Joel Alter
Magit Cacoon
James Blonde
Big Timer
Promoter /
Sweat Lodge
Joel Alter (Room With A View/Kontra Music)
Magit Cacoon (Girl Scout/Sweat Lodge)
James Blonde (MBF/Falkplatz)
Big Timer (#%*^##%^/^^$$^&)
Say No More…

Location: Golden Gate, Dircksenstrasse 77; Mitte; 10178 Berlin

9.3000° Community Service at MIKZ
@ MIKZ: Revalerstrasse 99; Friedrichshain; 10245 Berlin

Line-up /
The Glitz (Voltage Musique/ Upon You)
Mollono.Bass (3000°/ Acker Rec.) *live*
Sebo & Madmotormiquel (Bachstelzen/ Ursl)
HYPNOREX (Sportbrigade Sparwasser)
Toby Dreher & (Acker Rec./ 3000°) *live*
Astma (Reclaim the Beats/ Community Service)
German Lachs (Waterkant Souvenirs/ HRO)
WHO:BE (Golden Gate/ Community Service)

10.  Kill all Hipsters! Party and Live Music at LEVEE!

Two live bands and great dj´s afterwards

live :

Lyre Le Temps (F) //



DJ Set by Arnold Scheepmaker

(Nl/Kill All Hipsters)


DJ Set by Almost Tropical

(Motor FM/White Noise Club)


Enjoy your weekend in Berlin!!

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Autumn in Berlin! A top 10 of things to see and do this weekend!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
Autumn in Berlin

Autumn in Berlin

don´t sit still, move your ass!! It´s gonna be a perfect weekend, this weekend from Friday the 14th till Sunday the 16th!!


Our recommendations for a windy and rainy weekend! The EastSeven Berlin Hostel TOP 10!!!
1. If it´s a rainy day go visit some Museums!!

Check out the Museum Island where you can find the Pergamon Museum, The Old Museum, the old national gallery and the Bode Museum. If you are up for more than 2 museums, buy a museum daypass, that will safe
you some money! Also worth a visit is the Berlin Cathedral, located also on the  Museum Island.
2. Check out LIVE MUSIC at JOE`S BAR
This small bar is just around the corner. It´s great for enjoying live music, in an intimate
atmosphere. On Saturday night you can go here to experience some nice indie-pop music.
Jules Not Jude is playing!!
3.Go to a cool local BAR!

Another great small local bar, located not far from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel is the
FIRE BAR, Krausnickstr. 5 , 10115 Berlin. Always a great stop for dancing and drinking.
Expect music from rock´n´roll to electro!!
4.Festival of lights
This is a highlight, every autumn again. All major buildings and Sights are being
illuminated in the most fantastic manners. It is at these nights, that you can catch a lot of
hobby-photographers strawling throuhout the city making fantastic pictures, experimenting
with light. This is ofcourse for every tourist the opportunity to make an unique picture of for
instance brandenburg gate, to show your family and friends at home. They will be
impressed :).
5. Autumn is the season for crazy parties, how about this one on Saturday night, October 15th:
Fountain Of Youth at Stattbad Wedding
@ Gerichtstrasse 65; Wedding; 13347

BerlinLine-up /
Shaun Reeves
Konrad Black
Evan Baggs
MikIX The Cat
Jon Hester
Ingo Gansera (Exersice One)
+ special guests FTWK
Promoter /
Fountain Of Youth
SOMEWHERE among the deepest forests in the most distant corners of the earth there is
a fountain. This is not your ordinary fountain, the legend says that it carries magical water
of mystical powers. Wondrous things are said to occur to one that drinks from it.
On October 15th, we invite the fine society to come join our joyful second installment, this
time within the labyrinths of Stattbad, and have a sip from the legendary Fountain Of
Youth. Who knows what magic waters the Fountain will carry this time…
Karges Land
Felix the Cat
PERFORMANCE ART in the bathtub room:
Lukubration von Bernd Damovsky
6. Ai Weiwei in New York – Photographs 1983-1993
from 15 October 2011 to 18 March 2012

@ Martin Gropius Bau

7. Hand Made Supermarket
This is the perfect alternative to sunday fleamarkets. Its indoors, so in case of a rainy
cloudy day, perfect to be inside. This is where creative Berlin presents its hand made stuff.
This sunday from 11-18pm

8. Live Music, singer-songwriter KINA GRANNIS is performing her songs live in LIDO CLUB
unique opportunity to check out this new talent from the states. During here Germany visit,
she is only playing in Berlin und in Kölln.
Kino got famous through youtube. Her new album is also available on youtube so check it
out :)!!
after her performance, stay around, theres the coolest rock music dance party in town!
9.GO ON and do your own pub crawl!!
it is so easy to do, you don´t need to go on an organized pub crawl just follow the following
steps and your night will be a night to never forget:
1. check out the eastseven hostel lounge to gather some peops to join you!
2. choose a particular neighbourhood/street/area for the crawl. ofcourse you can also hop
neighbourhoods but its easier not to.
3. go from pub to pub, discover new pubs, or go with the great tipps of the eastseven staff
4. That’ s all it takes, easy, isn´t it?!! Njoy!
10. Hangover breakfast/brunch. Take your time and enjoy breakfast or brunch.

Breakfast in Berlin is usually possible till 5pm! So no need to get up early :). A really nice place for
breakfast, close to the hostel, is the cafe EntwederOder, at Oderbergerstraße 15.


That´s all for now, enjoy the weekend in Berlin!!

How to spend a fantastic time in Berlin? Our recommendations for this weekend!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

wintertime party time @ East7

If you are in Berlin this weekend, then please read on and we will inform you about a couple of cool things to see and do in Germany´s most exciting city!!
We have made a selection of 5 fine events and clubs. All we can say right now is enjoy your time in Berlin!!

1.Fantastic Festival – PArty @ Brunnen 70

This is the place to be this Friday night, an end of the summer indoor festival!!

Don´t get lost though,  this club is uge!
Faystival der Sinne – Nach uns die Sinnflut 19.00h
Party starts at 19H. The complete programm is still a surprise but for more details please check the brunnen70 homepage!!

2. Spend an amazing day of sightseeing by follwing our instructions:
in the morning: take our flyer and explore vivid prenzlauer berg. Don´t miss the farmers market at kollwitzplatz on saturday.
in the afternoon: Go on a wonderful brewers walking tour!! they leave at 12.45 from our hostel :), The tour is free of charge, but tip based :).
in the evening: go partying!! For instance at Bassy´s cowboy club.

3. Party at the legendary WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD CLUB
this club is amazing!! They even have a restaurant and make delicious Fast FOOD. Try their burgers, even their veggie burgers are great!!

It is also the place to be when it comes to great rock´n´roll live music!

live: MUFFALO (Indie/Rock – US)

at the Restaurant

live: MUFFALO (Indie/Rock – US)
Dean Gunderson (JACK-O-FIRE)

4. For live music go to Bassys Cowboy Club

Great underground rock´n´roll Club for people from all ages :)

Hot Jumpin’ 6 – Live! (Jive, R&B, Rockabilly)
DJs (Club): Ladynico & Duke JensOmatic (Blues, Soul, R&B)
DJ (Bar): Koko Temple (Rhythm’n’Blues, Swing, Early Ska, Soul)

5. The best DRUM´N`BASS party in the city: @ ICON BERLIN

RECYCLE – Berlin’s finest Drum’n’Bass: CLASSIX NIGHT

Flower (Recycle/D)
Bome (Monstabash/D)
Roly (D-Science/D)
Phonomat (Electric Icons/D)
White MC (Recycle/D)
MC Lomax (Recycle/D)

Within walking distance to the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. Take a beer with you, it´s allowed to drink on the streets here.
Don´t go here berfore 1Am

Allright party people, that´s all for now!! stay in touch and  hope to see you soon at EastSeven!