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What to do in Berlin around Christmas? Here is our TOP 5!

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Lucia Christmas Market

Are you coming to Berlin for Christmas? Did you already make any plans??  If not, do read on, we might have some nice suggestions for you!

Really important is to realize that on the 24th of December, after 2 pm, everything, I repeat EVERYTHING is closed!

Make sure you be prepared for this, and buy groceries in advance! At the hostel we have a fridge where you can keep your things and a kitchen where you can cook your own Christmas dinner.


Here is our TOP 5 for Christmas in Berlin:


1. Go to a Christmas Market

it is the perfect way to get in the Christmas mood!

The following Christmas Markets are open throughout Christmas, including on the 24th!

Christmas Magic at
26.11.2012 – 31.12.2012
Gendarmenmarkt, 10117, Mitte,
Daily from 11.00 to 22.00
Traditional Christmas goodies, delicious culinary delights, upmarket arts and crafts and a cultural program. Admission 1€.
 Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz
26.11.2012 – 26.12.2012
Alexanderplatz, 10178, Mitte
daily from 10.00 to 22.00
Christmas stalls, large ice-rink and daily program for the whole family

At the reception we have a list of all the Christmas Markets in Berlin, please come ask us for advice!

2. Cook your own meal @ EastSeven

On the 24th all restaurants, bars, cafes etc. in the entire city will be closed.  Unless you don´t have plans to eat with friends and family in Berlin, than just stay at our hostel and cook a delicious meal yourself! On the 24th we serve Mulled wine too :)!

And at the reception you can get great German beers, we have a happy hour daily from 8pm till 10pm. All beers are sold for half price, only 1€ for 0,5 Liter!


3. Go visit a Museum ( on the 24th & 25th all museums are closed though!)

In this cold season, it is on some days better to stay inside. Why not visit as many museums as you can with the museum day pass!

At the museum Island you will find following museums:

Old Museum, which is in fact really Berlin´s oldest Museum! It houses classical antique collections

New Museum, with archaeological collections of the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection, the Museum of Pre- and early History, as well as works from the Collection of Classical Antiquities.

Pergamon Museum, is world famous for its archaeological holdings. fully breathtaking monumental highlights!

Bodemuseum, is best know for its Byzantine art collection and the coin cabinet.

Alte Nationalgalerie, houses one of the most important collections of 19th century paintings in Germany.


4.Christmas time is party time!!!

Though a lot of museums and restaurants are closed, there are a lot of clubs open during Christmas. Even on the 24th of December a lot of clubs open their doors and  don´t you think dancing is the perfect way to burn all the calories after eating way too much on Christmas again.
Some cool clubs that are open on the 24th are:
Kaffee Burger: Unholy Dance Night! Starts at 11pm
Bassy Cowboy Club: Christmas swing party, with music from the 60ties

Tresor: No Silent Night, starts at mid night.

Magdalena: Resident Night!

Ritter Butzke: Krippenspiel!

M-Bia: Friedlich Feiern


for more tips on where you can find the best parties, just come ask us at the reception.


5. Go to the Berliner Dom on Christmas Eve!

Yeah, why not! It is the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful churches in berlin, and listen to Christmas music….The Berliner Dom is in fact the biggest Church in Berlin.

Services will be held on the 24th of December, at 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 8pm, 22pm, and midnight.

It might get really crowded, so make sure to be there half an hour in advance!


We wish you all a merry, merry Christmas in Berlin!!


X-mas party at EastSeven Hostel Berlin

Monday, December 17th, 2012
Christmas party @ EastSeven

Christmas party @ EastSeven

Tonight we are celebrating X-mas with the entire hostel staff!

As every year, also this year, we throw a Christmas party for all the people who work at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. For all the guests we have free mulled wine and happy hour beers!

Traditionally, as every year, hostel owner Jörg will cook the finest curly Kale for all. It is a typical German dish, eaten only in wintertime! It is served with potatoes and sausages. Since there are also vegetarians among us, there will also be tofu-sausages, yeah!

One of our staff members, Walter, is making a dessert, tiramisu! That is going to be tasty too!

What is a Christmas party without presents??? As every year, also this year we will all bring small gifts and than we play a game, which is called in German: Wichteln.  At the beginning everybody will get a present to start with, after that we all will throw the dice, and try to change the presents for other presents… that in the end, everybody has something he or she really likes!
We wish you all a fantastic Christmas Time!! All the best and take care!


If you are now staying at the hostel, please note that the kitchen might be too crowded to use tonight. BUT we will have free mulled wine to compensate for that!


Top 10 of indoor activities in Berlin

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Berlin cold war bunker

It is freezing outside, so why even bother going out? stay inside where it´s warm and cozy. We present you here a list of some of the coolest indooractivities in Berlin.  And, okay you have to go out first, but Berlin has a good public transport system, so that shouldn´t be a problem! If you need help with how to get there, just come ask us at the reception!


1. Hamam Berlin
This is for ladies only! Located in the popular district Kreuzberg, easy to reach by public transport.
It´s getting colder outside so why not warm up a bit at  the Hamam to enjoy a really nice Turkish bathing ritual…
Hamam is a bathing ceremony of the cleansing of the body and soul. Relaxation and communication in a warm and pleasant atmosphere are key elements of the Hamam culture. Here women from different cultures and walks of life work and meet.
You’ll find the Hamam at Mariannenstr. 6 in Kreuzberg
Opening hours: daily from 15h till 23h
Entrance fee: 14€ for 3 Hrs

2.  Go to a Museum, for instance to the one and only Ramones Museum Berlin
Punk rock legends The Ramones come from New York, but their biggest fan might just be from Berlin. Florian Hayler collected hundreds of Ramones-related items, and attended more than 100 Ramones concerts, then decided to collect his expertise and souvenirs in a museum. It debuted in 2005, a year after the death of founding band member Johnny Ramone.
Krausnickstr. 23
10115  Berlin
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 8.30 am-6 pm, Fri 8.30 am -8 pm, Sat 10 am -8 pm, Sun 12-6 pm
Admission Fee: 3,50 Euro

3. Buncker Tour

Are you interested in going beyond the popular touristic sights and explore a bit more of Berlins history?

Then go for instance on a bunker tour!

There are several different bunker tours, in english, german and spanish.
Something exceptional and very interesting! A must do!

4. Pergamon Museum
One of the most popular attractions in Berlin, the Pergamon Museum is world famous for its archaeological holdings. The Pergamon, located on Museum Island, is really three museums in one – the Collection of Classical Antiquities (also on display in the Old Museum), the Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art. The Pergamon Museum’s monumental highlights are truly breathtaking to behold.
Am Kupfergraben 5
10178  Berlin
Opening Hours: daily 10 am -6 pm, Thu 10 am -10 pm
Admission Fee: 8,- Euro, red. 4,- Euro

5. Big hangover breakfast

And after partying like a madman you should have a big hangover breakfast, of course!

For instance at one of my favorite cafe´s in Prenzlauer Berg, Café Hilde. They do fantastic breakfast, serve good strong coffee and it´s nice cozy and warm inside!

Located at the Metzer Straße 11, it is just a 5 minutes walk from our hostel.

6. Blutwurstmanufaktur

This is a traditional butcher, if you like meat and sausages go here to experience the true nature of the German meat  culture…. They do lunch too, traditional food, meat! For small prices! This place is famous for its traditional black pudding. High quality!  This is really a nice experience! But nothing for you if you are a vegetarian!

7.Chez Gino

Kind of kitschy modern deco German Restaurant, nice ambient and friendly service. Located in the vivid WranglerKiez which is really worth a visit if you are in Kreuzberg!

They serve really nice Swabian food like for instance Flammkuchen! Also, as a big fan of Spätzle, I could really recommend their Käse-Spätzle (spätzle with cheese).

8. Go Shopping, go to Kauf Dich Glüklich
this shop is a bit different from regular shops, cause it is not actually a real shop. It is a cafe selling
the best waffles in town!! Hmm then why is it on the list of best  shops, you
might wonder…. Thatʼs because almost everything inside the cafe is for sale. So if you like
the seat you are sitting on, or the artwork on the wall, you can buy it and take it home with
you. The name of the shop translated in to English means as much as buy yourself happy.

9. Weinerei!
great cozy place, it´s mainly students you will find here. getting together to drink really
great wine and philosophize in a relaxed livingroom-feel atmosphere.
the concept of the weinerei is quite unique. You ´buy´ a glass, for one euro, and then you
can fill and refill it as often as you like. Also there are little snacks the accompany the
wine. when you leave you can pay whatever you think it was worth.
Don´t go here to late, when the wine is out, its over and out!!

10.White Trash Fast Food
This is  a famous and legendary rock club. The name already implies it, they also have a fast food restaurant.
serving the most delicious burgers & fries I have ever had.
What else to expect at the White Trash, great live music & a great rock´n´roll atmosphere!!


Enjoy wintertime in Berlin! For more suggestions on what to do in Berlin just read our blog on Berlin!

Things to do in Berlin in December!

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Museum Island in winter

Things to do in Berlin in December!

Yeah, visit Berlin in WINTER! We already had the first snow of the year, it was beautiful.
With this blog post we would like to give you some ideas on what to do in Berlin in December. Read on and plan your trip to Berlin right away!

1.    Visit one of the many Christmas Markets
You can read in our previous blog post on Berlin Christmas markets about where the coolest Christmas markets are and what their opening hours are. Have fun Christmas shopping and don´t forget to try the Glühwein (Mulled Wine).

2.    Go to one of the many Museums

In this cold season, it is on some days better to stay inside. Why not visit as many museums as you can with the museum day pass! From the Allied Museum to the Zucker Museum (Sugar Museum) – the popular 3-day Berlin Museum Pass opens the doors to a number of the city’s big museums, as well as a few insider’s tips. From impressive works of art, archaeological treasures from six thousand years of human history and touching historical monuments to technical inventions and interactive experiments for the whole family. For €19,00 (reduced €9,50), the museum pass guarantees free admission for all Berlin visitors on three consecutive days.

3.    Find a good place for your Christmas Dinner

Some suggestions, SchusterJunge, Schneeweisschen & Rosenrot, Schwarzwaldstuben- these 3 restaurants are all serving the finest German food you can imagine. Make sure to reserve a table way ahead though! If you need help and advice, just come ask us at the hostel reception.
If you don´t want to eat out you can buy your own food and prepare a  delicious meal at the hostel kitchen! We have a cozy full equipped kitchen, feel free to use it during your stay!

4.    Christmas parties!
Go dance the night away on Christmas. A lot of clubs are open and dancing is the perfect way to burn all the calories after eating way too much on Christmas again.
Some cool clubs where you can go to:
Kaffee Burger: just around the corner from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. Go here if you like electro & indie pop.
Bassy Cowboy Club: Christmas swing party, with music from the 60ties!

White Trash Fast Food: go here to taste the finest fast food in town. Also go here for live music, rock ´n´roll!

5. Go to a movie theater

the Cinestar Cinema in the Sonycentre at Potsdamer Platz shows movies in the original language.

To know which films are playing when, just come talk to us at the reception!


if you are coming to Berlin around Christmas please note that on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, (almost) everything in Berlin is closed, from shops to restaurants. Please prepare for this!

See you soon in Berlin at the hostel in Prenzlauer Berg!