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Open Air Cinema Berlin, a top 5!

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
open air cinema Berlin (c) Hansken

open air cinema Berlin (c) Hansken

Yes, it is summertime, and therefore the perfect time to watch a movie outdoors!

Berlin knows a lot of nice and cool open air cinemas. We would like to introduce to you 5 of our favorite ones.
A top 5 of open air cinema´s in Berlin:

1. Freiluftkino kreuzberg

This open air cinema is known for it´s international flair, because most of the movies are being shown in their original language with English subtitles. It has 600 seats and the tickets cost 6,50€.
As an extra in case it gets cold they provide blankets.
Where? Mariannenplatz 2, U-Bahn stop Kottbusser Tor.

2. Freiluftkino Friedrichshain

this open air cinema is located in a really nice park, and is even within walking distance from your hostel in Berlin, the Volkspark am Friedrichshain. Surrounded by big trees you will find yourself enjoying some of the greatest films from last year, and you almost forget that you are in the big city of Berlin. For more information and to see which films are being shown klick here: freiluftkino friedrichshain

3.Freliluftkino Mitte

this is a very small open air cinema, which will show all time favorites in original language with subtitles. Tickets  cost 5€. There are 75 seats, and you can buy drinks and snacks. Also you can bring your own food and drinks.

4. Freiluftkino Hasenheide
Located in the park Hasenheide, far away from the busy city! Tickets cost 6,50 €. check the program to look for films with OmU, original language with subtitles. It is a little bit further away from the hostel, but definately worthwhile the journey through the city. The park has a lot more to offer beside the cinema. bring your pick nick box and make a day trip out of it.

5.Sommerkino Kulurforum Potsdamer Platz
go here to experience the big city feel, watch a movie and while your at it you can enjoy the view over the Potsdamer Platz.
Tickets cost 7€ and there is space for 1000 visitors. Check their program here:

If you need help to check whether the open air cinema shows movies in English or with English subtitles, don´t hesitate and come ask us at the reception for advice.
We wish you a great summer in Berlin!

German Food in Berlin, A top 10 of good restaurants

Monday, July 22nd, 2013
German food Berlin

Restaurants in Berlin

If you are in Berlin for the first time you surely want to try the typical German food. We have made you a list of places where you can go to to try some of the nice German dishes. For advice you can always come see us at the reception!

1. Schneeweisschen und Rosenrot

located really close to the EastSeven hostel you can just walk here after a day of sight seeing and fill your belly with high quality food!
They serve modern German food. What to expect? A fairytale-like atmosphere and the best service in town!
And: Eastseven guests can get a 10% discount, ask for  a coupon at the reception!

2. Chez Gino
One of my personal favorite in Kreuzberg, the cozy Chez Gino restaurant in the Wranglerstrasse. Kind of kitschy modern deco, nice ambient and really friendly service. Located in the vivid WranglerKiez which is really worth a visit if you are in Kreuzberg! there is a good night life here as well, so after dining go dancing!

They serve really nice Swabian food like Flammkuchen! Also as a big fan of Spätzle, I could really recommend their Käse-Spätzle (spätzle with cheese).

3. Weihenstephaner Berlin

this restaurant is located in the oldest building in Berlins central neighbourhood Mitte. The house was built in 1749! The place is famous for its authentic historical atmosphere, they serve Bavarian food and the service team is really friendly.
The restaurant is located at the hackescher markt, so easy to reach from our Hostel:  Neue Promenade 5, Am Hackeschen Markt. The Hackescher Markt is a popular tourist attraction, it is famous for the Hackesche Höfe ( Höfe means courtyards). These courtyards are accessible through Rosenthalerstrass 40

4. Cafe Restaurant Louis

Go here if you want to taste real traditional German-austrian food! They probably serve the biggest SCHNITZEL in town! So make sure you are really hungry when you go there!
Location: Richardplatz 5 (Berlin-Neukölln). Come ask us at the recpetion for directions and a map of public transport!

5. Schneeweiss
the interior is as white as snow!

Good service in general, high quality, honest food and very reasonably priced. It is a bit trendy, but that´s cool!

located in the Simplonstrasse in Berlin Friedrichshain, surrounded by nice bars and clubs, the perfect place to start into a long night.


6. Hofbrauhaus Berlin
The Hofbräu  is quite new in Berlin. They opened their doors in November 2011. You should go here if you are looking for true Bavarian spirit!
The staff is wearing the traditional Bavarian clothing, the girls wear DIRNDLS and the guys LEDERHOSEN. You should try the original Hofbräu Beers and their Bavarian specialties.
There is live music too, and located at Alexanderplatz, it is easy to reach from the EastSeven Hostel! It might get really crowded here, so make sure to reserve a table.
7. SpätzleExpress

if you like Spätzle, a type of egg noodle with a soft texture, this is  the place for you!  Big servings for little money!
Also a great option for vegetarian people, just take the käse spätzle, spätzle with cheese.

8. Gugelhof
Kind of chic but not too expensive! This restaurant located on the famous Kollwitzplatz, in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, is a culinary oasis for food from  between the rivers Rhine, Moselle and Saar flourishes because the Alsatians like to eat well and due to external influences they are able to improve and to maintain their culinary level. Especially in summer the big terrace in front of the restaurant is nice to sit, but make sure to reserve in advance.

After eating here go to the Käthe Kollwitz Park for a walk (it is right next to the restaurant), and have a look at the statue of Käthe Kollwitz, the famous left wing anti-war artist.

9. Blutwurstmanufaktur
This is a traditional butcher, if you like meat and sausages go here to experience the true nature of the German meat  culture…. They do lunch too, traditional food, meat! For small prices! This place is famous for its traditional black pudding.

10. Zum SchusterJunge

Last but not least, our all time favorite German restaurant, located within walking distance from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. Traditional German food in a nice environment!
This is the place to grab a quick bite, try the typical traditional German food, you will like it!


Enjoy your stay in Berlin!

The best bike tours in Berlin

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Bikes for rent

I personally think that the best way to explore the city is by bike, especially during the summer!

Biking in Berlin is very common among locals and visitors. Car drivers are normally used to bikers, but you should always be careful and watch out!

On bigger roads there are bike lanes, if there is no bike lane just stay on the right part of the street. Sometimes biking in Berlin looks like pure anarchy, please obey the rules to avoid becoming a newspaper headline.

Here we have listed a top 3 of organized bike tours after that we have written down some personal recommendation from the hostel owner Jörg. You can rent bikes from the hostel!

The Top 3:

1. Berlin On Bike

very easy to reach from the EastSeven Hostel, located at the courtyard of an old brewery Kulturbrauerei, you´ll find the Berlin on Bike company.

They offer 6 different tours and therefore you will always find one tour that suits your interests. For instance you could try the Berlin Wall tour and learn more about Berlin´s recent past. Also they offer a Nightseeing tour, to experience the truly magical atmosphere Berlin offers at night!

Costs 14€ plus 5€ for the bike. tours last for about 3,5 hours.

2. Fat Tire Bike Tour

tours leave daily at 11am from Alexanderplatz. meeting point is in fornt of the main entrance of the TV tower.

Costs are 22€ including the bike.

You can choose from different kinds of tours, depending on what you want to see and learn about Berlin. Beside the main sights you can also take a bike tour through Potsdam and the Sanssouci castle. Or take a tour that will take you to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

They also have e-bikes for rent.

3.  Berlin Bike Tours

tours leave daily at 10am and 3pm. Meeting point is Bornholmer Str. 75. Make sure to be there 20 minutes in advance so that the tour can leave on time.

they offer 3 differend tours. The Wall Tour, Berlin Mitte Tour and Berlin Potpourri. A lot of hostiroy and unique sights are involved! You won´t be disappointed! Prices vary from 21€ to 24€.

To get help on how to get there just come ask us at the reception!


Sachsenhausen Memorial

Some insider tips and recommendations from Jörg, the hostel owner and also  a passionate cyclist!

Wherever you want to go you can try to get an idea on
To bike along the former wall MauerRadWeg
A daytrip (40 km) can be this tour to the Sachsenhausen KZ Museum Sachsenhausen Memorial one way by bike Berlin-Copenhagen on bike  and one way with S-Bahn
Or you go all the way to Potsdam to see the Sanssouci Castle
Also in Summertime we recommend to go swimming in a lake like Weissensee or Krumme Lanke or Plötzensee or further out to Liepnitzsee.


Coming to Berlin and still looking for a place to stay, you are more than welcome to book a room at our Hostel in Berlin,  EastSeven Berlin Hostel!

Berlin on a budget.The 5 best places to hang out!

Monday, July 15th, 2013
parcs berlin

Berlin outdoors

Berlin doesn´t need to be expensive, you can save money and still enjoy sight seeing and hanging out. So why spend money on a fancy club or bar when you can just buy yourself a beer at any SPÄTI in Berlin and choose a spot from the list below to drink your beer and enjoy the real Berlin life!

1.    Freakshow at  Mauerpark

walk down the Schwedter Straße and then you will get there quite easily and fast. Here you can find yourself a nice spot on top of the hill. Watch the young, and older, crowd, from punks to yuppies, it is a peoples park. On the hill there are also a couple of nice swings you should try.

On sundays there is a fleamarket going on and it gets really crowded in the park!

2.    Watch naked people at Tiergarten park

Tiergarten is with his 520 acres Berlins biggest inner-city park. Located very central it is easy to reach by public transport or by bike. I would even recommend to go there on your bikes, because it is so big, it is almost like a forest! At the southwest of the park you can find the Berlin ZOO, which is also worth a visit!

Enjoy strolling around the park but watch out for the naked people, mostly men, sunbathing on one of the many loans. They are not dangerous, but they might scare you anyways! Find a spot underneath one of the many big trees the park has, lean back and relax!
3. Watch sporty people at Volkspark Friedrichshain
Drink your cold beer and watch other people sport at the sport-park Friedrichshain. Here there are many possibilities for recreation. There is a pit with sand where you can play beach volleyball, there is a selection of rocks you can climb on, and of course you can do any typical park sport from jogging to playing soccer.

4. Hasenheide park in Neukölln

Drug dealers and other scum are walking through the park day and night.  have a seat and watch what is going on! Better than watching TV!

Beside that, the park is really fine….there is an open air cinema, there are a couple of playgrounds, there is a vivarium and you can pick-nick there.

Easy to reach by public transport, just ask us at the reception if you need help with getting there!

5. Admiralsbrücke
On this bridge people get together in summer, during the evening to hang out, chat and drink a beer!

It is located in Berlins lively neighborhood kreuzberg, close by the U-bahnstop Kottbuser Tor.


As with all public space, please respect the neigbours and don´t make to much noise and equally important: clean up after yourselves!

Take care and have a blast exploring Berlin on a budget! If you are still looking for a bed in Berlin, just contact us!


Hot time summer in the city! Go for a swim!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Badeschiff Berlin

We have listed some of the coolest places in Berlin to go for a swim! here is our personal top 5!

summer is definitely here in Berlin, and it is really quite hot and sunny at the moment. You could of course go for sightseeing and visit some of the museums in Berlin, but you could also go for a swim! Don´t know where to go, just read our blog or come ask us at the reception


1. Krumme Lanke
Located at Berlin Grünewald, this nice and clean swimming water and the perfect green surroundings almost makes you forget that you are in the exciting metrople Berlin. To get here you just take the u2 to wittenberg platz and catch the u3 from here. All in all it will take you about an hour to get there. But it is definitely worth it! don´t hesitate and just come ask us at the reception if you should need any help with how to get there!
2. Flugahfen See
This lake is located really close to the Tegel Airport, that is still an active airport although they will close it down somehwere in the future.

So at the moment, while swimming you can see the airplanes take off…really nice city feeling, and still the water is pure, you can even see the fishes swimming…
no fee!

3. Schwimmingpool Pankow
this fully equipped pool with 2 big slides, beach-sports area, diving platform and a comfy sunbathing area is the perfect choice to go to with kids. they won´t be bored, and there are loads of other kids to play with. While your kids play you can relax!
4€ entrance fee

4. Wannsee Beach complex
Together, the Wannsee Lake and the surrounding Grunewald and Düppel forests form one of the most popular recreational destinations in the southwest of Berlin. The Wannsee, which is actually a large bulge of the Havel River, offers a really wide variety of excursions and leisure trips to the Brandenburg countryside. The Berlin Stern- and Kreisschifffahrt boat tour service is located directly in front of the Wannsee S-Bahn station.

There is an 4€ entrance fee!

5. Das Badeschiff
This is the most extraordinary swimming pool in Berlin and one of the coolest meeting points in town. It is floating on the river spree! Further more it has a cool open air bar and a beach-like sunbathing area. Here it is all about looking and being looked at 😉 so make sure to be in shape and wear your nicest bikini/shorts!
Easy to reach from the hostel by public transport! have a look at the directions
5€ entrance Fee.


Enjoy the summer in Berlin! And stay tuned for more recommendations on what to see and do in our BLOG!


Gay pride in Berlin- The best places to go out!

Monday, July 8th, 2013
Events Berlin

We love Berlin

Come to Berlin and enjoy the great Gay Nightlife!

In Berlin there are lots and lots of cool  and kinky gay bars, also many Berlin clubs are more gay than straight. To give you a small overview we made you a slection of some of the hottest places in town, to party and relax! Further information is also to be found on If you´re visiting Berlin you are more than welcome to stay in our cozy hostel in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

1.Berghain Club
You might have heard from this one already, it is known as the best club worldwide. This famous place is nothing for weak at hearts! In this former gigantic thermal power station you’ll find the hardest of Berlin’s hardcore, pushing squares ’till way past breakfast time.  On Saturdays the club is mainly visited by gays, not only because of the big number of darkrooms that are present in this huge building.

2. Monster Ronson´s Ichiban Karaoke Bar
You enjoy singing and you just loooooooove karaoke? Then go to the Monster Ronsons Karaoke bar. A cool thing here is that you can rent small booths, go there with your friends and sing your heart out! If you are a dare you can also use the big stage and feel like a star!
Warschauer Straße 34
Open Daily from 7pm

3. Tom´s Bar
this is the place if you are looking for successful cruising, that´s  exactly what Tom´s bar is famous for! The international crowd that visits Tom´s bar is constant in search of human contact, either in the bar upstairs or in the famous darkroom that is located in the basement. I just say go there and enjoy getting in touch with nice the mix of tourists and local gay party people that visit Tom´s bar!
Motzstrasse 19
daily from 7am
4. SO36: Cafe Fatal
Ballroom dancing in the famous club SO36, every Sunday! The people who come here is a mix of gay punks, Kreuzberger Lesbians and heterosexuals, there is an extremely nice atmosphere here.
There are also dancing lessons, so if you go here make sure to put on your dancing shoes.
Where? At Oranienstrasse 190 in Kreuzberg
Hafen is a trendy and plushy bar and it is probably the most established gay club in the whole of Berlin. Located in the gay-triangle in Schöneberg it is always crowded here! It is a great place to start your night out in Berlin!

Motzstrasse 19

6. Bangaluu Dinner Club

a bed restaurant where you can dine like the ancient Greeks already did, while laying and relaxing!

divas, male dancers and strippers are regularly seen here! you will be entertained!

for more tips on gay bars & clubs in Berlin just ask us at the reception!

Walk Berlin City Guide

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Walk Berlin City Guide

Book your personal French and German speaking  city guide at Walk Berlin!

In this blog we like to present to you the Walk Berlin City guide who takes care of tours throughout Berlin. Tour guide and passionate Berlin resident, Anne Lainaut,  started the Walk Berlin Tour company in June of this year.

She is French but moved to Berlin already in 2006, so you can also call her a Berliner.  She studied German, History and Journalism. Anne can give you a personal tour, in German or in French.

As long as she can recall, Anne has had a big fascination for Berlin and the rich history the city has.  Working as  a museum tour-guide  since 2008 and a city tour-guide since 2013 she has a lot of knowledge about Berlin and  she loves to share this  with the people who join her on the tour.

You can choose between 3 different tours with different historic subjects and accents.

Tour 1: The Berlin Wall

this tour takes you back to the time of cold war in Europa….a walk where the wall used to be and some rests of the Berlin wall will give you a good idea of what it used to be like in Berlin during that time. Tales of people who wanted to flee from east Berlin to West Berlin will make you shiver at some points….this is really a good tour for all of you who are  interest in this young history of the city, it´s only 24 years ago since the wall came down….

Tour 2: Hitlers Berlin

takes you back in the time where the Nazi´s ruled Germany. In 1933 Hitler turned Germany in a national-socialistic dictatorship and everything changed for the worse slowly but surely….This tours takes you to historical points in Berlin where the Nazi-regime took its place, also it tells tales about the resistance against the ´brown power`.

Tour 3: French Tracks in Berlin

the French have a long term relationship with the city of Berlin. It goes back till the 30 years´war in  the 17th century, where a lot of French people moved to Berlin, in 1806 with the Napoleon War and in 1945 where the French Sektor in Berlin emerged a lot of French came here. The French come to Berlin  therefore has a real historic meaning, so there are really a lot of tracks to follow!

Besides city tours Anne Lainault also offers museum-tours, at the Allies Museum and at the German-Russian Museum in Berlin-Karlshorst.

The City tours, information on prices and times:

Duration of the tours: 2,5 hours

Prices: 12h, or 8€ reduced

Reduced prices for groups over 7 people

Tours on request are possible, just contact Anne at Walk Berlin!


On her website you can also find a really  interesting and historical Blog on Berlin, really worthwhile your time!

For thorough information on each of these tours, in German or in French,  please visit the website. Here you can also directly book a personal tour.


Enjoy your visit in Berlin and if you are still looking for a comfortable hostel feel free to contact EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!



Berlin with kids, a top 5 of things to see and do

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Summer Berlin

Coming to Berlin and bringing your kiddies? And you don´t know what to do beside the sightseeing in the historic heart of Berlin? We have listed up some nice parks, playgrounds and restaurants where you can easily bring your kids! Let the children play while you relax and chat with your friends and family.


1. Alois S. Tapas Bar

this is probably my favorite restaurant to visit with kids in summer. There is a big outdoor terrace with a playground in extension. While you sit and dine and talk and do more talking and when the kids get bored, they can go play.

Where? At Senefelderstrasse 18. Not far from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel.

2. Children´s farm Mauerpark

at the end of the mauerpark, at the schwedter steg, there is a children´s farm called Moritzhof.

there are all kinds of animals here, like ponies, pigs and bunnies. Also there´s a big playground right next to the farm.

3.  Minigolf & beergarten Brachvogel

here you can eat simple but good food, your kids will love….Pizza, pasta, beef and potatoes…. After filling your bellies you can play Minigolf! And if the night is still young, you can drink a cold beer afterwards while watching the kids play on the playground….I can´t think of a more balanced evening, relaxing after a little bit of exercising and watching the sun go under….

Carl-Herz-Ufer 34, 10961 Berlin

 4. A spooky park in Prenzlauer Berg, the LEISE PARK

Go there if you dare!!
A bit spooky and scary, you may think, this park is located on the grounds of a former cemetery. It is called Leise-Park, which means as much as quiet park. You find here lots of nice playgrounds for your kids, also there are still some grave-stones maintained.  It is a beautiful park, with many nice flowers and plants. Go there during the dawn and you might see a fox running through the park!
Go here to get away from the busy center and to let your thoughts flow and your kids play.

5. Museum for Technology

This is a good option for a rainy day!

This huge museum will keep you and your kids busy the whole day, while exploring the 14 different exhibition  departments, featuring locomotives, airplanes, ships, engines and much more. A lot of activities for kids to do and a lot of hands-on exploring to do!

Getting There: Metro Stop “Gleisdreieck” (Line U1, U2), or “Möckernbrücke” (Line U1, U7) Easy to find, it has a real airplane sitting on top of the roof!


For more tips and ideas on what to see and do in Berlin just read our hostel blog!