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Winter Spaß

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Winter is always that time of the year when most people try to spend as  little time as possible outdoors. Just because it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the snow. One nice way to enjoy the snow is toboggan. Berlin is not a City where you will find hill next to hill. But hidden in the Center-Parks there are some nice little hills that just wait for you to slide down on them.

The closest one to the Hostel would be the “Weinbergspark”. You will find it along Kastanienallee. Its maybe a 5 minute walk from the Hostel. This little Park offers a beginners slide. Thats something for you and your kids.

Fotos of Weinbergspark

If you are looking for some more speed and action, i recommend the “Mauerpark”. Here you will find young and old having fun on the hill. Between sundays flea market and the Max-Schmeling-Halle, it can be perfect sledding. The nearly 40-meter-high hill features on a length of 100 meters a lot of space. Nevertheless, it is very crowded especially on the weekends, Caution is advised!

Fotos of Mauerpark

Here some other toboggan hotspots that are nice but not that close to the Hostel.

1. Volkspark Prenlauer Berg

The right toboggan run for beginners! Short downhill, but sparsely populated. Small, but nice. The triple peaks of the mountain of rubble measures 91 meters at its highest point.

Map / Fotos

2. Teufelsberg

The different slopes provide the right level of difficulty for every skill level and therefore also skiers and snowboarders romp at the station. A great getaway, but be careful: sometimes very steep.
Map / Fotos

3. Volkspark Friedrichshain

This run is something for professional carriage driver, 78 meters downhill guarantee high speed and pure thrills. Caution: fast and steep descents! The small mountain bunker 48 meters it does well.

Map / Fotos


If you now think “i wnt to go toboggan” just come to the reception and we will help to find the right place for you. For a 5 € deposit we can even lent you a snow glider. :)

Enjoy the Winter!

Sauna & Wellness in Berlin

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Gray days, cold wind and rain that will turn into snow soon. It has become Winter. And its getting colder. But don’t become desperate. We will show you some nice Spa / Sauna / Massage places, just arround “EastSeven” Hostel ,  where you can relax and forget about the stressful world.


Float Berlin

Floating like in the Dead Sea, Bathing like a King and relax like on an island. At Float Berlin at the Helmholtz Platz you can even steal away for a few hours from the sometimes hectic family life or take a romantic bath for two. They also have a “Happy Hour” or 5-a-tickets. For utter relaxation after several massages.

Float Berlin



The fantastic sauna garden features various art objects, that invite to be looked at between sauna sessions. Even while you sweat you still have some of it, since a large window in the Finnish log cabin sauna opens the view into the Garden and the graceful, carved wooden statues. In the saunabad, there are three saunas. In addition to two Finnish with 95 degrees and 100 degrees, there is also a “Biofeuchtsanarium” with 60 degrees, a dippool, a solarium and a vitamin Bar. Various recommendable massages are also on offer. Tuesdays to Ladies Day can be treated cosmetically themselves as well.

Saunabad Berlin


Olivin – Wellness Lounge Sauna

On the border of the Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte districts, located directly nearby the Pfefferberg compund, this former Berlin factory was synthesized into a posh lounge and Finnish sauna for winter-stressed residents and visitors to Berlin. Industrial charm meets modern wellness architecture. Perfectly styled with a big video screen and an outdoor area with a bamboo grove, this finnish sauna is the perfect oasis for combating winter’s cold.



Ruhepool Berlin

Ruhepool Berlin is a an exclusive oasis in Prenzlauer Berg – one of the most charming residential neighborhoods in Berlin. Its exclusivity is belied by its reasonable room rates. Ruhepool offers 3 rooms as part of its spa/naturopathic clinic – each room has a private bath and all are housed in a lovely apartment building. Rooms are decorated in soothing tones, and are welcoming. The spa itself offers a tea and coffee bar, and staff are knowledgable about specific tea blends designed to soothe, activate or center you.



Die Wohlfühler

Beauty, relaxation and exercise are the domains of the Wohlfühler. In a place of rest and relaxation a team of therapists, coaches, trainers and beauticians combines Wellness & Therapy in an extraordinary way. If you need a great massage “Go there”!

Die Wohlfühler


Stadtbad Neukölln

This place is not colse by the “EastSeven” Hostel. But it is one of Berlin most beautiful Spa’s. So we thought you should know about that one too. The whole complex is reminiscent of the ancient Roman bath houses: marble, columns and walkways everywhere. The Sauna area is even more beautiful. There is a herbal sauna with changing scents, a Greco-Roman steam bath, caldarium and its samarium, which has changing color lights. Wonderful is the roof garden, where you can cool off after the brew-master has to endure his famous “steam hammer” on the sweating.

Stadtbad Neukölln

If you have any questions, like how to make a reservation or how to get there, we will be waiting for you at the reception. :)


Berlin “Fashion Week”

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

It is that time of the year again. Models, Hipsters, Fashion Shows and after Partys. Its “Fashion Week”!!! From Tuesday till Sunday next week (14.01. – 19.01.) Berlin will host various fashion labels from all over the world. Its the perfect time for buyers, trade experts, the media and people that are interested in fashion to collect information at fashion trade shows and attend exhibitions and off-site events.

You will find all the different Shows, Labels, Events and after Partys here….

Berlin “Fashion Week”

Various Labels will present their latest collections. Such as Hien Le, Ivanman, Lena Hoschek, Rebekka Ruétz, SOPOPULAR, Marc Stone, Augustin Teboul, Alena Akhmadullina, Filippa K., Riani, Achtland, Kilian Kerner, Patrick Mohr, Julian Ziegerli, Kaviar Gauche, Anja Gockel and many many more.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Enjoy the Show!

How to travel convenient in Germany

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Ok, let’s face it. Travelling through Germany can strain your budget, especially if you are a spontaneous person like me. If you decide in the morning you want to go somewhere else and have a look at the Deutsche Bahn prices for that day you are close to an heart attack even before you had your first coffee.
Deutsche Bahn has some reasonably priced tickets but only if you book weeks ahead. Go to their HP and look for “Europa Specials” when you are still at home and are still planning your itinerary. You can find some sweet deal, but only if you are a person who is capable of planning more than one day in advance. However, if you are a bit like me you are screwed.
So, the big big question is: “how do I get to freaking Hamburg ?”  (or any other city except for Munich. People travelling to Munich have more money than sense anyway)

Last minute tickets through Ltur
You can find some sweet deal here. The page is I Germany ( of course) but on the top right corner you can change languages. Hola Senora .  They offer last minute train and flight tickets for the next 7 days. Also available are train tickets for most European countries
Seriously? Yes, seriously. I’m not telling you to ask a stranger at the checkout in the supermarket to take you along. There are proved and tested websites that will help you. used to be the biggest site but they lost shares after they introduced fees. is another one, which I prefer nowadays because you can use it also for international journeys. Through these sites you find people who would like to share gas costs so it is the cheapest way to travel and to meet people. Since you have their email and their phone numbers you are on the safe side. No funny stuff.
finally we have them too. After Deutsche Bahn lost the transport monopoly within Germany many bus companies emerged on the market. Since there is lot of competition at the moment you can expect to get some really nice deals. The biggest bus companies at the moment are ( page only in English but still quite comprehensive ) and  . We sell tickets for flixbus at the reception but you can also easily buy them on your own.

Any more questions? Come to the lovely EastSeven berlin Hostel and we will help you.
Safe travels