July 2014

Street Food Thursday

Some places you get to know best by its food – a principle that is accepted around the globe. When traveling, the food options that are offered for immediate consumption on the Street are always of particular interest. Street Food! And Berlin has got more to offer than “Currywurst and … read more

10 best bike day trips around Berlin Berlin is surrounded by beautiful lakes and  picturesque scenarios you wouldn’t expect. Go out and explore it by bike. Cycling is very easy, as all routs are clearly  marked with signs. Please note that,  you will need to buy an ABC ticket for … read more

Botanische Nacht

The Botanic Garden in Zehlendorf-District opened in 1910. Since then it has become one of the world’s most famous botanical creations. The … read more

Art in Berlin

Berlin is a City full of life, space, ideas and people with the sake to make things happen. Of course Berlin has … read more