a 15 years old view on Berlin – a guest blolg by Lilli, our awesome intern

A friend of mine is coming to Berlin from London and asked me to show him around the city.
Since he is 16 years old things like going the Brandenburg gate fall out simply because although it is interesting, maybe not for a 16 year old. That dosent mean though that my friend shouldn’t see all the important sights so I decided to take them on the either 100 or 200 bus. Those are public transportation buses so you pay around 2,80(insert euro zeichen i dont have one on my keyboard).
These buses take you to see all the main sights. The 200 Bus does the longer route about 40 min and the 100 bus the shorter one that takes around 30 min. This of course depends on where you get in and off the bus. Personally i would say get in at either Alexanderplatz and get off at Zoologishergarten or the other way around. You could also take one bus there and one bus back. If you get out at Zoologishergatren you’ll be right by Kudamm as Berliners call it. Its a big Shopping street in the west of Berlin starting at Wittemberg platz where you will also find KaDeWe which was the biggest department store in the west. In the heart of the shooping street there is Kaiser-Whilhelm-Gedächnis Kirche or also known as the broken church. Behind the broken church is Bikini Berlin which is a very new and modern shopping center. Bikini Berlin is a nice place and sit down have coffee along part of the mall there is a big window that looks out into the zoo. I can also recommend Potsdamer platz which has 2 big shopping malls and a massive cinema along with some very nice restaurants. The shopping mall i would recommend is Mall of Berlin (LP12) it has two building with 4 stories in either one. about a 15-20min walk away (if you don’t feel like walking you can take the U2 in direction of Ruheleben for 2 stops too Gleisdreick and juste get out and you’re right at the park) from Potsdamer platz is a park called Gleisdreick park where lots of my friends like to hang out in summer One more thing that is nice to do in summer is going to flea markets. most of them are open on Sunday and sometimes saturday. you’reSome flea markets are more high scale and some are rather not it all depends on where you’re going. Now, if your interests dont lie in shopping perhaps food might be the right approach. If you like the idea of a flea market and food you’re in luck because lots of flea markets also have plenty food stands. There is also plenty of farmers markets. One thing that you must try though, is a Döner. it is a bread that is toasted with garlic o r herb sauce (and if you like abit of spice) then meat and then cut salad, tomatoes, onions, and depending on the store other stuff. The normal price for a Döner is around 3,50. depending on where you stay there is lots of nice places if you’re looking for a good german place there is “Gugelhof” (Knaackstraße 37, 10435 Berlin) in the east of Berlin and theres a place called “Felix Austria” (Bergmannstraße 26, 10961 Berlin) in the west of Berlin but its abit hidden(as the name gives away it is Austrian but Austrian and german cuisine lie very close next to each other).few other things i can recommend that ill probably do with my friend is going to Maybach ufer (theres a market on Tuesdays and Fridays and on Saturdays a art market) then, walking around rosenthaler platz where theres lots of food places from different food cultures and then i can always recommend doing walking tours which are super informative even if you live in Berlin.

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