A, B or C ?? Which metro ticket do I need ?

Hi there.

You just arrived in Berlin after a 36h flight. Now you are in front of a ticket machine and are cursing like a sailor. What is AB do I need ABC? Am I entitled to  a reduced fare because I had 5 beers and a Valium on the plane?

OK, that’s the situation:

choose between AB or ABC single ticket here

Alright, let me explain:

You need AB only, unless you landed in Schönefeld ( that’s the crappy Ryanair airport  that looks like an unhappy socialist shack). Then you would need to buy an ABC ticket

Tickets are valid for 2 hrs – daily tickets are valid till 3am next morning NOT 24hrs

Please buy a standard fare. Reduced is only for people with disabilities and senior citizen.

Are you staying 5 days or more? Get a week pass for AB if you are lazy. ABC if:
1) you want to go to Potsdam (castles and parks- very pretty)
2) or Sachsenhausen (concentration camp)
3) fly to/from Schönefeld (the sad airport)

To buy a week ticket, go to “other Tickets and choose 7-day ticket

all other options you need – I like the 4-trip ticket


You are kind of unsure if you would like to walk or take the  metro?
Get the 4-trip ticket. That’s 4 individual tickets you stamp as you go. (I buy those, it’s much cheaper than buying individual tickets)


look for the green light

I don’t know one single person who has ever bought a BC ticket. That’s for people who live outside. Don’t think about it

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