A top 10 of things to do in Berlin!

We have made you a blog informing you on some really nice things to do close to the EastSeven Berlin Hostel.


Berlin Wall Documentation Centre
Berlin Wall Documentation Centre

1. Pay a visit to the  Berlin Wall documentation center
this documentation center, which is completely free of charge to visit, is located at the Bernauer Strasse.
It is really close by to your hostel in Prenzlauer Berg, only a 10 minute walk.
At this documentation center there is a Tower you should really climb up, because  from above you have a clear view over the Berlin wall and the death stripe.
Learn more about Berlins History by paying a visit to this informative little museum.

2. Visit a really nice park , Wasserturm Park!
The Wasserturm  is the unofficial symbol of Prenzlauer Berg, this 30m high tower was built in 1877 as the local water reservoir. Once used by the Nazis as a prison, today the round brick Wasserturm has been converted into trendy apartments.

TIP: Check for art exhibitions next to the tower, in the underground reservoir.


@ MauerPark Flea Market
@ MauerPark Flea Market

3.Mauerpark Fleamarket
if you are staying over the weekend you absolutely can´t miss out on the mauerpark
flea market. Held every Sunday from 7 till 16 it is the place where hip & young Berlin and
Berlin-visitors get together. Not only looking for bargains, also it is a social happening where
friends meet over a bratwurst, or watching one of the many spontaneous concerts from
musicians coming from all over the globe.

4.Organic Market @ Kollwitzplatz

This is how you can spend your Saturday like all the locals living in Prenzlauer Berg. Strawling over the market, buying some things to eat, drinking some coffee or even champagne. At this market, everything is possible! You can even buy clothes and jewelry here, also there are often musicians standing at the ends of the market, playing their songs!! Always a great atmosphere here!!

great cozy place, it´s mainly students you will find here. getting together to drink really
great wine and philosophize in a relaxed livingroom-feel atmosphere.
the concept of the weinerei is quite unique. You ´buy´ a glass, for one euro, and then you
can fill and refill it as often as you like. Also there are little snacks the accompany the
wine. when you leave you can pay whatever you think it was worth.
Don´t go here to late, when the wine is out, its over and out!!

6. Kulturbrauerei
This huge complex of night-time hangouts originally housed Berlins Schultheiss brewery for more than 150 years. By night the Culture Brewery turns into a popular meeting point for determined drinkers, eager to explore the buildings wealth of bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants, or just hang out in the huge courtyard.

7. Dr. pong
the table tennis bar in berlin. don´t think it is a sportbar ´cause it isn´t. A lot of youngsters meet here to get together! There is nothing more fun than playing table tennis with over 20 people at once! Beside that there are dj´s playing great electronic music! It is a great hangout!

Prater Beergarten
Prater Beergarten

8. Kastanienallee

Dubbed Casting Alley by the locals, this long strip of little cafes, indie fashion designers trading their wares and tasty restaurants is the ideal place to hang out and watch the surprisingly large number of beautiful faces walk by at all hours. Here you will find the most famous and oldest beergarten in Berlin, the Prater Beergarten.

9. Zionskirchplatz
Life in a resistance group fighting either the Nazis or East German
government was often a dangerous affair. Finding somewhere quiet and warm to hold your secret
discussions therefore being a number one priority = PBergs 19th century Church of Zion. It is now
surrounded by small cafes and restaurants.

10. White Trash Fast Food
This is  a famous and legendary rock club. The name already implies it, they also have a fast food restaurant.
serving the most delicious burgers & fries I have ever had.
What else to expect at the White Trash, great live music & a great rock´n´roll atmosphere!!

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