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the heat is on

Yep, spring has come, suddenly and unexpected. From now on till eternity, when the white walkers come, we will keep the fire alive. Come join us for a delicious bratwurst. p.s. we have a separe grill for vegetarians. me so hungry

Turkish delight

Is it Tuesday or Friday and you feel adventurous? If you tick „yes“, go to the Turkish market for some calorie and culture infusion. The market is located on a beautiful canal on the border between  Kreuzberg and Neukölln, the multi cultural centre of Berlin. I do recommend the gözleme … read more

Hello, my name is Karla and I’m doing a student internship at the Eastseven hostel for 3 weeks. My task was to write something about the sights of Berlin so I chose the GDR museum. This … read more → 2018/01/25

→ 2018/01/25

have a laugh…

…and eat a pizza for free! Yes, really! Life can be so simple thanks to the wonderful Cosmic Comedy people Every Monday … read more