Autumn in Berlin! A top 10 of things to see and do this weekend!

Autumn in Berlin
Autumn in Berlin

don´t sit still, move your ass!! It´s gonna be a perfect weekend, this weekend from Friday the 14th till Sunday the 16th!!


Our recommendations for a windy and rainy weekend! The EastSeven Berlin Hostel TOP 10!!!
1. If it´s a rainy day go visit some Museums!!

Check out the Museum Island where you can find the Pergamon Museum, The Old Museum, the old national gallery and the Bode Museum. If you are up for more than 2 museums, buy a museum daypass, that will safe
you some money! Also worth a visit is the Berlin Cathedral, located also on the  Museum Island.
2. Check out LIVE MUSIC at JOE`S BAR
This small bar is just around the corner. It´s great for enjoying live music, in an intimate
atmosphere. On Saturday night you can go here to experience some nice indie-pop music.
Jules Not Jude is playing!!
3.Go to a cool local BAR!

Another great small local bar, located not far from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel is the
FIRE BAR, Krausnickstr. 5 , 10115 Berlin. Always a great stop for dancing and drinking.
Expect music from rock´n´roll to electro!!
4.Festival of lights
This is a highlight, every autumn again. All major buildings and Sights are being
illuminated in the most fantastic manners. It is at these nights, that you can catch a lot of
hobby-photographers strawling throuhout the city making fantastic pictures, experimenting
with light. This is ofcourse for every tourist the opportunity to make an unique picture of for
instance brandenburg gate, to show your family and friends at home. They will be
impressed :).
5. Autumn is the season for crazy parties, how about this one on Saturday night, October 15th:
Fountain Of Youth at Stattbad Wedding
@ Gerichtstrasse 65; Wedding; 13347

BerlinLine-up /
Shaun Reeves
Konrad Black
Evan Baggs
MikIX The Cat
Jon Hester
Ingo Gansera (Exersice One)
+ special guests FTWK
Promoter /
Fountain Of Youth
SOMEWHERE among the deepest forests in the most distant corners of the earth there is
a fountain. This is not your ordinary fountain, the legend says that it carries magical water
of mystical powers. Wondrous things are said to occur to one that drinks from it.
On October 15th, we invite the fine society to come join our joyful second installment, this
time within the labyrinths of Stattbad, and have a sip from the legendary Fountain Of
Youth. Who knows what magic waters the Fountain will carry this time…
Karges Land
Felix the Cat
PERFORMANCE ART in the bathtub room:
Lukubration von Bernd Damovsky
6. Ai Weiwei in New York – Photographs 1983-1993
from 15 October 2011 to 18 March 2012

@ Martin Gropius Bau

7. Hand Made Supermarket
This is the perfect alternative to sunday fleamarkets. Its indoors, so in case of a rainy
cloudy day, perfect to be inside. This is where creative Berlin presents its hand made stuff.
This sunday from 11-18pm

8. Live Music, singer-songwriter KINA GRANNIS is performing her songs live in LIDO CLUB
unique opportunity to check out this new talent from the states. During here Germany visit,
she is only playing in Berlin und in Kölln.
Kino got famous through youtube. Her new album is also available on youtube so check it
out :)!!
after her performance, stay around, theres the coolest rock music dance party in town!
9.GO ON and do your own pub crawl!!
it is so easy to do, you don´t need to go on an organized pub crawl just follow the following
steps and your night will be a night to never forget:
1. check out the eastseven hostel lounge to gather some peops to join you!
2. choose a particular neighbourhood/street/area for the crawl. ofcourse you can also hop
neighbourhoods but its easier not to.
3. go from pub to pub, discover new pubs, or go with the great tipps of the eastseven staff
4. That’ s all it takes, easy, isn´t it?!! Njoy!
10. Hangover breakfast/brunch. Take your time and enjoy breakfast or brunch.

Breakfast in Berlin is usually possible till 5pm! So no need to get up early :). A really nice place for
breakfast, close to the hostel, is the cafe EntwederOder, at Oderbergerstraße 15.


That´s all for now, enjoy the weekend in Berlin!!

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