Be creative in Berlin, our top 5 of do it yourself-places!

Street art Berlin
Street art Berlin

Going beyond the touristic sightseeing track and want to experience Berlin while creating something yourself? Read this post, we have gathered some cool ideas and places where you can do workshops and other creative stuff!


1.FAKE FEATHERS- selfmade couture!

they have sewing workshops but above all they sell an unique sewing kit. This sewing kit provides everything you will need for sewing a real Fake Feathers Model. Do it yourself and look fabulous in your own creation! Cool! Located at the Kolonnenstrasse 29, Schöneberg. Just ask us for directions at the reception!

2.Choose a culinary recipe and cook your own dinner!

The Kochhaus shop, located close by the hostel at the Schönhasuer allee 46,  offers you a really fun concept. You can go here to buy ingredients for your dinner, just like in any normal grocery store. BUT the difference is, you can buy the exact ingredients for a dinner, and find everything in the right portions. With the ingredients you also get the recipe, of course. And they have the perfect wine suggestions to match your main course.

3. graffiti workshop and walking tour

takes you to all the cool spots to see some really fine graffiti and street art culture! there is a graffiti workshop included, really fun!

Meeting-point is at Alexanderplatz in front of the Strabucks, at the TV tower, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 12pm. Don´t forget to bring your camera to shoot some nice pictures!!

4. Make your own jewellery

Go to this cozy little shop in Berlin Friedrichshain to create your own personal jewelry. As a gift for a beloved one, or just for yourself.  You can use their equipment for free and they will be glad to advice you!

They are located at the Lenbachstraße 7, just take the s-train from alexanderplatz platform 3 to Ostkreuz.

5. Daytrip to Museumsdorf Glashütte

Glass – History – Craftsmanship – Art – Sports – Recreation

The Baruth glassworks were founded in 1716. Until 1980, glassblowers produced lampshades and bottles. Today, the ensemble of factory buildings and workers’ dwellings is a monument that conveys the spirit of the 19th century.
In the museum the visitors can experience the manufacturing of glass. The glassblower offers the opportunity to try it oneself, e.g. to blow a glass globe. The furnace is to become a forum for artists, too.

How to get there:
A13 Berlin- Dresden, exit 5b “Baruth”
B96/115 Baruth- Golßen, exit Klasdorf
Getting there by train
DB RE5 Berlin- Elsterwerda, Klasdorf or Baruth station

Horse carriage: Tel. 033704/61454
Bus transfer: Tel. 0170/2101295


That´s all for now. Please come see us at the reception if you have any questions or if you need help with how to get there and back again. Enjoy your visit in Berlin!

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