Berlin in July- A top 5 of amazing events

We love Berlin!

Berlin, one of the most exciting metropole in Europe, has a lot to offer her visitors this July.

Not only if you are a fashion freak, crazy about art or if you are totally into classical music, also if you love plants and trees. There is something exciting going on for all of you.

To make it easier for you to choose what to see and do, we have made a top 5 of upcoming events in this July. Please read on and plan your trip to Berlin right away. I am sure you won´t regret it!

1.  Foreign Affairs

this  festival for Dance, Theater, Music and Art, takes place from June 27th till July 14th. Three weeks of international art is coming your way!

Shows take place at different locations, im HAU, Schöneberger Lokhalle and at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

For a complete festival program check Foreign Affairs website.

2. Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin turns into one big catwalk from July 2nd till July the 7th! All you Fashion Freaks and Fashion Victims 🙂 make sure to get a spot alongside this catwalk!!!!

This is the time for trade experts, fashion addicts, buyers and the media to get together and interact at shows, collect information on whats hot and whats not and attend exhibitions at various location throughout the city.


3. Classic Open Air

Between the 4th and the 8th of July the Gendarmen Markt in Berlin Mitte turns into a big concert hall.

Every evening their will be a classical concert, open air on this beautiful square. Surrounded by the French and the German Dom and the concert house this is an unique setting for experiencing classical music.

Concerts start at 19.30 and ticket prices from 43€.

4.  Open Air Gallery

on the 7th of July the Oberbaumbrücke in Kreuzberg is being blocked for traffic and turned into one big open air gallery.  All kinds of different art forms and styles are presented and their is an interactive art piece as well. A big canvas is lying on the floor, and all the visitors can join in and create a piece of art together!

From 10am till 10pm

5. Botanic Night

once a year, every year, the botanic garden in Berlin Dahlem opens it doors to visitors at night! An unique chance to see a big variety of plants and trees in a fairytale like atmosphere. With light shows, mythical creatures and performances this will be a night to remember!

The fun starts at 5pm on July the 13th . Tickets costs 38€

For more recommendations just read our Hostel Blog or come ask our staff at the reception! Looking forward to welcome you to Berlin!

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