Berlin, the Green Capitol! A top 5 of green sights

parcs berlin
parks Berlin

Berlin is a very exciting metrople! Although it is a big city it has a lot of green to offer to its citizens and its visitors.

For instance the big parks, like Tiergarten and Volkspark am Friedrichshain, or the Grünewald forest in the west part of the city.

Besides these green parks and forests there are a lot of initiatives where people grow their own food or brighten up their neighborhood by guerilla-gardening!

We will list op some cool green places to visit in Berlin, enjoy!

1. Gardens of the World ( Garten der Welt)

this recreational park, located in Berlin-Marzahn, consists of 9 different exoctic gardens. These gardens where designed and created by artists from the respective countries, using original material. You can wander here and enjoy the many different gardening-architecture from the different countries, and all the different kinds of plants and flowers, it is amazing!

2. Tempelhofer Freiheit

after the closing down of the Tempelhof Airport in 2010 the over 300 hectare are now open to public. It is a park with a special flair. A lot of people come here to kite, skate, and cycle. Or just simply to use the big green grass area for a picnic.

3. Kiezgarden Schliemannstraße

a small local project, where the neighbors decided to use a free space between the houses for gardening. The grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits! A really cool idea, it brings the people together and they can grow their own organic food. The garden is really in the middle of the bustling neighborhood, open to visit to everyone!

4. Grünewald forest

this is the biggest green area in Berlin! It is a beautiful forest, that a lot of the Berlin people use to recreate in.

it has a beautiful lake, the old radar station at the Teufelsberg is also worthwhile a visit.

5. PrinzessinnenGärten

this garden was founded in the summer of 2009, near the Moritzplatz, in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Where there used to be an over 6000sqm big fallow land, now people can enjoy the beautiful sight of the community-build garden.

It is a social happening, where the people who live there, the pensioners, the kids, adults, can come together and learn about gardening.  The people can learn here how you can form a piece of unused land into a worth-full place where you can grow your own local vegetables and herbs.


Other green projects that might be interesting:


*all you need to know about guerilla gardening: Grüne Welle

*the largest organic supermarket, closeby the EastSeven Berlin Hostel: LPG SUPERMARKT

*Green Kitchen! The Chef grows his own vegetables in his big garden in Potsdam. Fantastic fresh organic food: The Margaux restaurant




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