Best Second Hand Shops in Berlin!

Second Hand Shops Berlin
Second Hand Shops Berlin

We have made a selection of some outstanding and cool vintage second hand shops, all
located not far from your friendly hostel in Berlin.
We live in a capitalistic world, where we all want to buy buy and buy. We throw away quite
a lot too. Luckily there are a lot of people interested in second hand stuff and therefore
there are a lot of shops in Berlin selling vintage second hand and giving older products a
brand new life with a new owner.
Berlin is famous for its Sunday flea markets. These flea markets are heaven for people on
the look for particular stuff from the past. You name it , you can find it at the flea markets
of Berlin. there is the famous Mauerpark Market, the market at Boxhagener Platz and the
flea market at Ostbahnhof, some of the coolest markets to hang out any Sunday you
But if you are not staying in Berlin on a Sunday, there is an alternative! You can go to one
of the many second hand shops this metropolis has to offer.
To give you a little help in picking a shop of your interest, we have made a top 5 of vintage
shops close by our hostel.
1. Made in Berlin
this is probably the most famous second hand shop Berlin knows. It has a broad variety of
cool vintage clothes, both for females and males!
You find this shop at the neue schönhauser strasse 19.
2. Hillyʼs
located at the Kollwitzstrasse this family-friendly little boutique offers a broad variety of
female clothing. Also there is a big section reserved for second hand clothes and toys for
3. Kauf Dich Glueklich
this shop is a bit different from the rest, cause it is not actually a shop.. It is a cafe selling
the best waffles in town!! Hmmm then why is it on the list of best Second Hand shops, you
might wonder…. Thatʼs because almost everything inside the cafe is for sale. So if you like
the seat you are sitting on, or the artwork on the wall, you can buy it and take it home with
you. The name of the shop translated in to English means as much as buy yourself happy.
4. Garments Vintage
a really classic small vintage boutique, located at the Stargarder strasse 12.
Friendly service, good quality vintage clothing and even a small section for men!
Beside clothes you can find some cool accessories as well, for instance vintage sun
5. Stiefelkombinat
Are you looking for shoes? Stop looking, go to the Stiefelkombinat at Eberswalderstrasse
and you will be able to find the best pair of second hand shoes!
Enjoy shopping for second hand clothes and accessories! And if you want to find out where more second hand shops are,  just come ask us at the reception!!

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