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Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Pöpcørn time


welcome to our lovely kitchen guys. whether you are a professional chef or a traveller with a tight budget, make yourself at home in the centre of our lovely hostel. we have pots, pans, all kind of spices waiting for you and a dishwasher if you are too lazy to do the dishes. ( but at least try to )
for all of you who want to safe on accmodation: cook a dish of your choice and get a bed for free – just ask us how it works. and for all of you who really know how to cook, as the receptionist if they are hungry ( yes, we are! )
enjoy your stay and see you soon

Top 5 of Fast Food Restaurants in Berlin

Monday, August 6th, 2012

A top 5 of the best places for fast food, all close by our hostel in Prenzlauer Berg.

If  you are hungry and looking for a snack, or a nice place to have a quick bite, in between sight seeing and shopping, then read on for some amazing tips on delicious fast food!

Prater Beergarten

Prater Biergarten

1. The Bird

A well deserved number one position for the famous New York style fast food restaurant THE BIRD. This is the all time favorite of most of the EastSeven Staff.
At the bird they really know what it takes to make a good burger, really good meat!
They have a variety of different kinds of burgers and the serve delicious home made potato fries. If you are going here with a bigger group make sure to reserve a table, it gets quite crowded!

2. Babel

it is our favorite place in Berlin for eating Lebanese Fast food. They make the best Fallafel and Haloumi sandwiches in town, so this is also a very good option if you are a vegetarian.
A sandwich costs around 3,50€ and you can get a plate, with lots of fresh vegetables, starting from 6,50€. It is located in the Kastanienallee, only 5 minutes away from the EastSeven Hostel.

3. Doloros- Wraps & More

this is a unique little fast food restaurant, specialized in Mexican food. They serve the best Wraps in town, and the cool thing is, you can decide exactly what goes in your wraps, from veggies, till sauces and toppings!

It is located in the Rosa- Luxemburg Strasse 7, really close by Alexander Platz. Perfect to combine with a visit to the famous TV TOWER, at Alexander Platz.

4.  Marienburger

A traditional place for excellent take away burgers! They have a broad variety of vegetarian burgers too. We always go here for lunch! This small burger restaurant is located in the Marienburger Strasse 47, that´s where it got the name :)

Right next to the Marienburger is a big park, it is called Marie. So of the weather is nice, take your burger and enjoy it in the beautiful park. It is perfect to bring your kids too, there is a really big playground and you can play table tennis here as well.

5. Prater Beergarten
This is Berlins oldest, and in our opinion most beautiful, Beer Garden. It is really a must visit if you are in Berlin. Besides the fact that they serve good and tasty beer, they have fast food too. And what is typical fast food in a beer garden? Yes, of course, sausages and fries!

The beer garden is located in one of the most popular streets in Berlin prenzaluer Berg, the Kastanien Allee. here you´ll find lots and lots of shops selling hip clothes and souvenirs. A lot of young people go here, and found out for yourself why the Kastanien allee is called Casting Allee among locals :).


For more insider tips on places to grab a quick bite, don´t hesitate and just come ask us at the hostel reception!


Hope to welcome you soon in Berlin

The best places for vegetarian Food in Berlin

Monday, January 16th, 2012



Ann´s blog on veggie food in Berlin. 

I will share some of my favorite places to eat  with you!

As I am a vegetarian, I am always keen on trying new (vegetarian) restaurants. Most of the regular restaurants serve vegetarian food too, so now worries, if you are a vegetarian you definitely won´t starve here :)!

As Berlin is a big city I will now only focus on eateries that are located close to the   hostel in Prenzlauer Berg .

Located in one of the hippest streets in the district Prenzlauer Berg, Kastanienallee (or among locals often called: Casting allee), there is a small authentic Libanese Restaurant serving the best Falafal in town! The place is called Babel!
Also worth while is trying their Haloumi cheese sandwich, yummie. As in most arabic restaurants they serve tea for free. In summer there is a nice terrace outisde on the sidewalk. From here you have a great view over the Casting allee and all the beautiful hippsters walking down this road!!

Okay, sometimes as a vegetarian you have the urge for fast food, for a hamburger for instance. But the problem is most of the vegetarian hamburgers taste crappy.
I was so suprised as I finally found a great and really tasty vegetarian burger. If you want to try it you should go to the white trash fast food restaurant!!

Since you are ofcourse also interested in trying German food, at first you might think it´s nothing for you since there is a lot of meat involved.
But there is one dish that I really love and it is 100% meatless: it is KÄSESPÄTZLE. It is a kind of pasta like dish, with melted cheese and rosted onions, eat a salat with it and it´s a perfect meal. Try it at one of the nicest traditional german restaurants, Schwarzwaldstube!


Enjoy eating in Berlin!!