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News from the EastSeven hostel garden

Monday, August 5th, 2013

EastSeven garden

We are so lucky to have a garden to chill out in. Especially in summer it is great for relaxation after a day of sight seeing. In the morning you can eat the breakfast out side, and in the afternoon most parts of the garden are shady! In the evening you can use our BBQ and play kicker.


we have a big BBQ area with a huge Grill you can use for free.  On top of that we offer coals for free and organize BBQ-parties. There is an organic supermarket just down the road. here you can get high quality meat and also veggie-burgers.

Just come ask us at the reception if you need any help with getting started!

EastSeven garden

Herbs.… we are growing some herbs, free to use if you are going to cook yourself a nice meal at the hostel kitchen. We have thyme, rosemary and mint.

Hammock area….for a nap or just to hang out and read a book…

this is perfect if you arrive early at the hostel and you still have to wait for the room to be ready. You can then already take a rest in the hammock, it is really comfy and relaxing.

Outdoor shower…after a couple of really hot days and more hot days to come  we decided to install an outdoor shower. Here you can really cool off, since it is cold water only…. This weekend we had temperatures of almost 40degrees, and it looks like it is gonna stay summer for more days.


A Kicker-table

if you want to play table football, you can at EastSeven. We actually extended our terrace so that we have space for the table. This is your change to do some fine motor activity and exercise your skills.

At the reception you can get cold drinks. We sell 4 different high quality beers, sodas, and ice tea.
Enjoy summer in Berlin at our cozy hostel!

If you are planning a trip to Berlin we would be happy to accommodate you at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel!

Cheap ways to travel through Germany, our insider tips!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013
Berlin traffic light

Visit Berlin!

Traveling from or to Berlin, read this blog post, it might safe you some money!

Since a lot of the guests that we welcome at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel are visiting Berlin as a part of a longer tour through Germany or Europe, it happens quite often that guests stop by at the reception and ask us for help planning their trip. We offer a lot of information and we are glad to help our guests with planning their trips throughout Germany and Europe.

We always do our best and try to look for the easiest and cheapest ways to travel. There is news here, since there are two new bus companies offering low price tickets to travel from and to Berlin. MeinFernBus and FlixBus are the names of the two new companies. They are fairly cheap, so please check it out!

The buses depart from the ZOB, the central bus station in Berlin. You can book the tickets online.

Please keep coming to us at the reception if you need any help with this!

Enjoy your travels!

Supperclub at EastSeven

Thursday, January 24th, 2013
Free Meal at EastSeven

Supper Club @ EastSeven

The Supper Club at EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!
we are a real backpacker hostel in central Berlin and we are now offering something very special for our guests that are booked in our hostel!
In exchange for your cooking skills, where you make an evening meal for like-minded travelers in our well stocked kitchen, we will give you a free dorm bed for the night.
We can supply you with recipes, lists for what you need to buy and will even pay for the ingredients. All you have to do is cook a meal for 10-20 other travelers staying in our hostel and the bed is yours!

Here is how it works:
Come to the reception the day before or early in the morning of the day you want to cook, and proclaim your intention to cook. With our receptionists you can prepare your menu and shopping list. We will make an announcement to hostel guests and open dinner registration.
There should be 2 courses including a vegetarian option (eg salad & pasta; soup & baked potato; pizza & ice-cream).
Considering our student style budget, we are not expecting Michelin star cooking, however we will not allow convenience food, readymade cans or frozen stuff.  In summer you can also do a bbq in our beautiful garden.
Supper time is 8 pm and it is no coincidence that we have a beer happy hour from 8 – 10pm where a large, delicious German beer (all German beer is delicious really) costs 1€. Free food, cheap beer, nice kitchen table…. The perfect combination for a lot of fun on an extremely low budget – that’s true backpacker spirit.
To really get the family feeling, we can ask other guests to come to help you in the kitchen.
At parties, the best place to be is always in the kitchen, food connects people. The chef is a rock star and this supper club is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with other travelers. Isn´t that the main reason to stay in a hostel in the first place?  To meet people from all over the world, share stories and have a good time together?
Some of our cooking evenings are already legendary. Guests partied till all hours or went to bars and clubs in our neighborhood together. So whether in a couple, family or as a lone ranger traveler this is a perfect opportunity to make new friends (it’s ok, we don’t mind if there is a bit of flirting!).
„In my times of travel, this is how I always imagined hostel life– spending time with other travelers and enjoying something special, all on a shoestring budget “ Jörg Schöpfel (owner of EastSeven and now family man).
Let cooking and eating together in our hostel become your home from home.

The EastSeven Berlin Hostel has already won important hostel awards in 2012 – the latest in a long succession of international hostel awards . This is not only because we offer clean, comfortable rooms but because we think good hospitality should achieve this a “home from home” feeling.
EastSeven has been highly recommended by regarded travel guides including Lonely Planet, Lets Go, Reise Know-How and many others. Reviews routinely confirm the hostel has ‘true spirit’. Why? Because it’s small, independent, cosy, personal, super clean, relaxed, affordable, has a lovely kitchen/garden/lounge area, doesn’t take large group bookings and most importantly,  because when you leave, you will feel you are leaving a place of relaxation and individuality.


We hope to welcome you soon to our hostel! We will be delighted if you would like to join in on the supper club!!

X-mas party at EastSeven Hostel Berlin

Monday, December 17th, 2012
Christmas party @ EastSeven

Christmas party @ EastSeven

Tonight we are celebrating X-mas with the entire hostel staff!

As every year, also this year, we throw a Christmas party for all the people who work at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. For all the guests we have free mulled wine and happy hour beers!

Traditionally, as every year, hostel owner Jörg will cook the finest curly Kale for all. It is a typical German dish, eaten only in wintertime! It is served with potatoes and sausages. Since there are also vegetarians among us, there will also be tofu-sausages, yeah!

One of our staff members, Walter, is making a dessert, tiramisu! That is going to be tasty too!

What is a Christmas party without presents??? As every year, also this year we will all bring small gifts and than we play a game, which is called in German: Wichteln.  At the beginning everybody will get a present to start with, after that we all will throw the dice, and try to change the presents for other presents… that in the end, everybody has something he or she really likes!
We wish you all a fantastic Christmas Time!! All the best and take care!


If you are now staying at the hostel, please note that the kitchen might be too crowded to use tonight. BUT we will have free mulled wine to compensate for that!


News from the EastSeven Hostel

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

fun @ EastSeven!

Do you know Obstler?
When you think about Germans you think of beer. Yes, indeed we do have some nice brews here indeed. For many reasons Germany is renowned for its excellent hoppy juice. However for many Germans the Obstler is as important as beer. The standard question after each meal is :”Obstler?”. A traditional German meal always end with this digestive. You can enjoy it straight or in an espresso, but always warm, never chilled.
Many families traditionally distil their own. Due to severe tax laws in Germany, many small distilleries are disappearing as you need to have an official license and are obliged to pay tax on every liter you produce. However, many still distill illegally.
The term Obstler derives from Obst, for Fruit in German. Obstler is spirit made from ripe fruit from fruits. For really mellow and high quality Obstler only fruits from meadows with scattered fruit trees (streuobstwiesen) may be distilled.
The distillation of schnaps has its origins in ancient times with and has an almost mystical touch.  Actually there is nothing mystical about it, if you don’t do it right, you turn blind. So you better be careful about what you are doing.
Obstler can be distilled from various fruits, like pears, apples, cherries or Mirabelle plums. The flavor you taste comes only from the natural aromas in the fruits before the distillation. No flavor is added afterwards. Sometimes it is quite astonishing how aromatic and mellow alcohol can taste.
We thought we might give you the possibility to indulge a bit into the german art of spirit burning. Coming soon at the EastSeven Hostel Bar: Obstler!
We say: enjoy!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel NEWS

Thursday, July 19th, 2012
tripadvisor award 2012

tripadvisor award 2012

What´s new at EastSeven Berlin hostel??

We keep you informed on everything that is happening at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel!


1. EastSeven now uses green electricty

We got a certificate from the LekkerStrom company for using green  electricty at our hostel. All small bits help to save the planet :).

2. Tripadvisor Award

We won an award from Tripadvisor, over 2012. We are really happy with it!! We would like to thank all tripadvisor users who rated this small hostel in Berlin prenzaluer berg, so well. We have an average of 4,5 out of 5 points!

Also a big thank you to the our Staff for keeping up such a good job!

3. One sqm house Art project

For the art project of Architect LeBo VanMenzel we are housing some of the 1sqm houses in front of the EastSeven Hostel. Stop by to have a look, or sign up through facebook and apply to stay at the 1sqm house for 1 night!

4. Supper Club – Earn your bed in an 8beddorm by cooking

if you like cooking for a bigger group than this is a perfect deal. We provide money so you can buy ingredients. Also we help you promote the event. It is a win win situation! You help create a fantastic dinner party with nice travelers staying at the hostel, we give you a free night of sleep in a dorm :)! Let us know at the reception if you are interested!


That´s all for now!


News from the EastSeven Hostel Kitchen

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


we now also offer our guests breakfast!!

Although there are a lot of good breakfast places close by the hostel, and even some of them offer a discount to EastSeven guests only (Memory Cafe, In aller Freundschaft), we decided it would be cool to prepare our guests a small breakfast anyways!

It is always cool to eat something before leaving the hostel and doing a lot of sight seeing is easier with a filled belly!

Our breakfast buffet is daily from 8am till midday! Come to the reception to get your plates and a hot drink. The breakfast costs 2€, including a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You can eat as much as you like!

Hope to see you all soon at our place :)!

You want to go on a different kind of pub crawl?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
666 Pubcrawl

666 Pubcrawl

Go on the 666 Anti Pub Crawl!

They come to pick you up from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel, every day at 8.45 PM!

The 666 anti pub crawl is a different kind of pub crawl. Visit some of the most amazing, original spots in the city and actually meet some of the locals.This is what our alternative bar tour is all about.

Price of ticket, 10€, gets you free entrance to all bars & clubs along the way and free shots at select (!) locations. We visit exclusive clubs and expect you to know your tolerance and act accordingly.

Perfect way to the discover the Berlin night life!!


News from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel kitchen!

Monday, April 18th, 2011
free food party!

free food party!

EastSeven Berlin hostel is cooking for her guests, every Monday and every Wednesday!

where can you find  a hostel like that? A cheap stay with a fantastic dinner on top of it, for free!
Don´t look any further, EastSeven Berlin Hostel offers it!

Twice a week the hostel kitchen is turning into a fun time cooking event. Guests who want to eat a long can also join in on the cooking, and take part in a cooking-workshop with Florian.  He knows how to slice onions without getting tears in your eyes!

Eating together is the perfect opportunity to meet other travelers, share travel-experiences and stories, and  getting your belly full while you are at it.
Usually the food is 100% vegetarian. But in summer we also organize BBQ´s.
Then we provide salads and bread, and the guests can bring the meat they like!

Here is in short how it works. We meet up at the hostel kitchen around 19h, anyone who wants can help. If you want you can bring your own ingredients too. Around 20h the food is ready! During the dinner party we have a happy hour! All our fantastic beers ( 0,5L) for only 1€!

Here is a video to illustrate it!

So that´s all for now, hope to see you soon in Berlin!!

New EastSeven Berlin Hostel VIDEO

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Pierre testing the beds

Pierre testing the beds


It´s been already a couple of months since Leonie came up with the fantastic idea of making a video about the EastSeven Hostel staff, inspired on the ´Amelie Intro`.
I found the idea magnificent and that´s when we started brainstorming together! The intro of Amelie is where all characters are being introduced, showing the likes and don´t likes that are typical for them.

At that moment the EastSeven Berlin Hostel counted 12  staff members, including the 2 managers of the hostel. So for each character we were imagining what he or she desires or dislikes the most. Some of our staff members came with their own idea. For instance Caroline, who really really enjoys making coffee and she just loves the smell of our Italian coffee beans!! Or Lena, who in real life really is allergic to the sound of chalk on a black board. In the end, all of us show something really personal, although it still only is a small feature of our characters. It does give the viewer an impression on who the individual staff members of the EastSeven Hostel are.
Our special thanks goes out to BRM for making the music and to Frank Dukowski for the voice-over, thank you guys!!!

So if you are coming to Berlin, and if you are still looking for a nice and friendly, relaxed hostel in a great location…you are more than welcome to check in at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!

Here is the video, have a look!!