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The 6th Berlin Festival of lights, from Oktober 13 till Oktober 24

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Festival of Lights Berlin

Festival of Lights Berlin

Come to Berlin and experience  fantastic light shows all through the city center.
This year more than 60 sights, squares and buildings in Berlin will be amazingly illuminated during the coming two weeks. If you visit Berlin during this time, go for sightseeing by night!!!!

All major sights like Brandenburg Gate, Berliner Dom and the TV Tower are being put in a different artistic light. For a list of all illumated sights and buildings klick here.

The Festival kick off will be held at Potsdamer Platz, at the new festival centre. The city Mayor Klaus Wowereit will be there to open the festival.

This is a must do for all (hobby) photographers wo will be strolling around the Berlin sights at night with camera and tripod to shoot some really unique pics of Germanys beautiful capital.
More than 60 Berlin buildings and landmarks are atmospherically illuminated during the Festival of Lights 2010. The festival centre DomAquarée, the TV Tower, the boulevard Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate and the Funkturm are just some spectacular highlights in the Festival of Lights 2010. Many more unique illuminations at a high artistic level are waiting for you to see!
From the 13th until 24 October, Berlin will sparkle as a range of illuminations and projections light up more than 60 famous landmarks and spaces.

Special “lightseeing” tours on the Light-Liner bus, by boat on the Light-Ship, on foot with the Light-Cruso or by rickshaw with the Light-Velo will give locals and visitors alike the chance to experience the creative compositions up close.
Complementary to the festival, there will be numerous cultural events dealing with the subject “light”. On the 16th of Oktober, for instance, the night of open doors takes place. This offers visitors a chance to actually go inside some of the illuminated buildings and offers a look behind the scenes. Klick here to find out which buildings will be open for a visit. For a programm of the festival check the festival homepage HERE.

Furthermore there is an amazing Jazz Feast, Jazz at the Minister Gardens, on October 22nd and a spectacular Finish on Oktober 23rd, the CITY LIGHT RUN!

Have fun exploring Berlin by night!

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Fourth European Month of Photography Berlin 2010

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Alexanderplatz station


Opening ceremony 14 October, 7.00 pm, at the Berlinische Galerie

This fourth edition of the European Month of Photography Berlin presents itself as a festival in transition. This time the ‘month’ of photography lasts for six weeks, starting – in response to the rhythm of Berlin’s cultural autumn – in mid-October. The biggest change however is the experiment of confronting all participating institutions with a mandatory set theme. The objective was to have all the exhibitions and events focused on a single topic, so as to make the festival more prominent in the public eye and give it a higher profile.

‘Modern times, new pictures’ is the phrase that sums it all up – a theme focusing on photography as an instrument of modernisation. Museums and cultural institutions, galleries and exhibition organisers have been invited to dedicate their exhibitions to this modernising function of the photographic medium, taking different aspects into account. After all, it has long been a matter of general knowledge that photographs do more than just ‘reproduce reality’. What the camera registers, and the way in which the result is reproduced, is rather a matter of interpretation and so can be seen as the creation of new and additional realities. Several specific fields relating to this theme were proposed to participating institutions by way of example, and all these areas reappear in the festival in the form of historic, and – even more importantly – contemporary samples of the art.

Anyone who wishes can organise the website following these different thematic areas, or bring up a display of the outstanding highlights. For the first time the festival includes a central point – in the form of the Berlinische Galerie – one offering a wide range of events.

The curious visitor can expect to find pictures that are surprising and disturbing, controversial and simply breathtaking. The Fourth European Month of Photography Berlin 2010 is more than just a feast for the eye.


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Day of German Unity – Celebration in Berlin this weekend!!

Monday, September 27th, 2010


Come to Berlin and celebrate with us!!

The 3rd of october, the day Germany was officially reunified is now a public holiday. This reunification is of course a good reason to throw one heck of a party! If you want to celebrate together with the Germans you must head to Brandenburg Gate. Here you will find live entertainment, music, dancing food and drinks.

The celebration is not only for the locals, who have been sperated for over 40 years by the  Berlin Wall. The organisers of this big celebration empashize the pan_European dimension of 1989,when the breaching of the Wall showed that the cracks in East European Communism were starting to split wide open, letting unity between East and West flood through.

Festivities will be organized from october 1st till october 3rd. The party is on all day and free of any charges!

What is to be expected? There will be a huge stage at the Brandenburger Tor. On this stage some really cool artists from all over Germany will perform!

For more up-coming events and insider tipps please check out our online staff-recommendations.

Hope to see you soon in Berlin!

New Hostel video: Checking in at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Monday, August 30th, 2010



new video new video new video!!!!

Our latest video is all about checking in at the hostel. You´ll see that you need to fill out a form, we need to see you passports, you can pay in cash or with creditcard. And most important we will give you insider information on what to see and do in europe´s most exciting capitol.

enjoy watching the video, sure hope to welcome you all really soon to our friendly hostel:

New hostel Pictures by upcoming Fotographer Marcel Steinmann…

Monday, July 12th, 2010
by Marcel steinmann

by Marcel steinmann

EastSeven Berlin Hostel has got new pictures!

A couple of weeks ago we arranged a photoshoot with Marcel. He came by at the hostel to take pictures of several rooms, the reception, the garden, and ofcourse from the other common areas!
So now we can update our pictures everywhere and people from all over the world can see what the hostel looks like, before making a booking!

It was such fun to have Marcel around! I showed him some rooms where he could take pictures, and I even ´modelled´ for him!
Also he made a lot of pictures from the guest who where staying here. Especially at night, during the monday evening cooking event, where there were a lot of hungry guests around.
Marcel made pictures, and I walked around with the hostel-camera, making a new hostel-video.

We uploaded pictures already to myspace, facebook and Flickr….
Please take a look! Hope you like them!
If you have made any pictures of the hostel, during your stay here, please send them to us!! Thank you!

Mondays at EastSeven Berlin Hostel….

Monday, June 14th, 2010

free food party!

free food party!

there is a free dinner party at the hostel kitchen

it´s always a great thing to be staying in Berlin @ the EastSeven Hostel on a monday!

For over a year now the EastSeven Berlin Hostel offers her guests a free meal on mondays….So there is no need for a monday evening to be boring!!

Our cook Florian is simply the best! He knows the best recipies and makes every vegetarian dinner tasty and delicious.

If you want to learn some of Florians cooking-tricks then make sure to meet up with the cook at about 7pm at the hostel kitchen! Because then the cooking WORKSHOP starts!

It´s a lot of fun, and it´s the best way to meet other travelers.

At the reception, our friendly receptionists sell the best german beer, between 8 and 10 pm  for only 1€, it´s amazing!

To give you an impression of the Dinner party check out the VIDEO we recently made:

After the dinner party go to one of the nice clubs and bars that surround the hostel! For instance you could go to DR.Pong…That´s always fun! Here you can play table tennis all night long, drink  beer and enjoy the great electronic music!

If  you are coming to Berlin you are more than welcome to stay at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel! Please check the website to find out about availability. Also check out our online staff-recommendations to see what´s going on in the capitol of germany!

This weekend in Berlin. cool partys, Walpurgis night and labour day.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Events in Berlin

Events in Berlin

EastSeven made a top 5 for every day of the weekend!

Starting with friday…..


Its WALPURGISNIGHT!!! expect anything to happen….you might see some witches walkby….

YOu can find a party anywhere….for instance at the


…just a 5minute walk from our hostel….

8 Floors – 20 DJ’s & Live Band – 1 Ticket

Dress up as a witch and get in for free!

Klubnacht – Todd Bodine, Irie Electric, Dave Tarrida, Marcel Heese
Köpenicker Str. 59-73
10178 Berlin
U-Bhf Heinrich-Heine-Straße

Shut Up Club at the PrivatClub means Indie Pop, Rock, Emo, Punkrock, Britpop, Mixtape all night long – have fun!

Pücklerstraße 34


From 30 April to 9 August 2010 Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau will be devoting an extensive retrospective to the important Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.
Born in Coyoacán, Mexico City, Frida Kahlo is one of the great identification figures of Latin American art. She stands out as one of the most famous female artists of the first half of the 20th century.

In squatting, Tilo Schulz and Jörg van den Berg articulate an exhibition practice which emphasizes the presence and the actual experience of the artwork in the exhibition in terms of display as art mediation. squatting brings together works of art that address remembrance in thematic and structural terms, as well as pieces thatdeal with experiences o f places, situations, and people. Hence squatting establishes a direct connection between the Temporäre Kunsthalle and its location (the Schloßplatz) as a place that is permanently exposed to ideological appropriations.

Party´s and events for saturday!


Dirty Doering, Zander VT, Nicone, Philip Bader,Jake the Rapper, Red Robin, Marcus Meinhardt, Marco Resmann,danny faber,brian cares,Beaner, sven dohse + guests.


Techno & House….


Fritz Kalkbrenner

Alexander Kowalski

Thomas Weisheit

…and many more….

1st May street festival “MyFest” in Berlin-Kreuzberg

all around Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg

enjoy live music, lots of food and beers 😉



40 galleries, 40 openings, three days, three nights, feel invited!!!!!!

And last but not least our top 5 for parties and events this sunday!!



Sunday is fleamarket day. Close to the hostel (500 m)you find the Arkonaplatz Fleamarket and the famous Mauerpark fleamarket. You don´t want to buy something – no problem you first of all go there to see all kind of urban subjects with hangover and even sober ones. Berliners go there – you should as well


It´s a bit expensive, but there are baby elephants to make up for this!

Golden souls disko!!!

Soulkombinat (soul, funk,old-skool, nu-skaa)


Begin at: 21:00

40 galleries, 40 openings, three days, three nights, feel invited!!!!!!

Have a great weekend in Berlin have a great stay at EastSeven Berlin Hostel

The First EastSeven Video Guestbook….now online

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

a movie starring friendly guests who stayed at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel

A guestbook is great. We got one at the reception, and quite a lot of guests leave us a nice message. It´s always fun to read this book.

Now we got the idea to do a more modern version of a guestbook, a video guestbook.

During check-out time we asked the guest to tell us about berlin or how they experienced the hostel. We filmed this, and then edited it in to a short and funny video-clip. It was such fun to do! Thanks again to all the people who went along with this crazy idea!

Here is the result! enjoy watching:

Vulcano Eruption has impact on holiday plans Guests@EastSeven

Monday, April 19th, 2010

What a crazy situation. The Vulcano eruption on Iceland had, and still has, a great impact onthe  holidayplans of our guests.

It all started on friday, where lots of our friendly guests wanted to fly home, but simply could´nt. All flights had been cancelled.  Some of them tried to find a different way to get home, by train, bus or boat. But most of them stayed in Berlin, for at least one extra night. It was totally unclear when the flights where going to be allowed again, everyone hoped to be able to get a plane the next day….This wasn´t the case. At this time, on monday, still all aiprorts are closed.
Fortunateley, we had rooms available for these guest, stranded in Berlin, becuase we had a lot of cancellations on the other hand.
So sad, lots of peple who were looking forward to a lovely weekend in Berlin, had to stay home….
It is still unclear when planes will be allowed to go up in the air again.

Some guests are really happy to be staying some extra nights in Berlin at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel! An extended vacation, its nice.
Especially tonite as we will be preparing a free vegetarian dinner!!!

We feel sorry for all the travelers, stranded somewhere over the world, without being able to go home as planned.

We wish all travellers a safe flight home, somewhere in the near future!

EastSeven Hostel Berlin- Best Hostel in Germany-2009

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010




EastSeven- Zu Deutschlands Bestem gewählt

Das Internetportal “Hostelworld” ernennt jährlich die besten Hostels weltweit. Die Abstimmung erfolgt dazu mittels Kundenbewertungen im Internet.

Weltweit gaben über 1 Million Teilnehmer ihre Stimme in 2009 für eine der über 23.000 zur Wahl gestellten und auf registrierten Unterkünfte ab und bestimmten dadurch die Sieger der “Hoscars”.

Das EastSeven Berlin Hostel konnte schon in den Jahren 2005 bis 2008 Preise von Hostelworld entgegen nehmen und freut sich nun ganz besonders über die Auszeichnung zu “Germanys best Hostel 2009″.

Folgenden Kriterien wurden bewertet: Sauberkeit, Mitarbeiter, Lage, Charakter, Sicherheit und Spaßfaktor.

Das Haus bietet 25 Zimmer mit Bettenkapazitäten von 1 Person bis 8 Personen an. Auf jeder Etage gibt es mehrere Badezimmer (nach Geschlechtern getrennt),  eine professionelle Selbstversorgerküche, ein Lounge-Wohnzimmer und ein angeschlossener Garten mit Grillplatz sind Breiche für die allgemeine Nutzung.

Der Wäscheservice sowie kostenloses WiFi-Internet und günstige Gästetelefone runden das Angebot ab.

Die Inhaber Jörg Schöpfel und Pierre Ammon des kleinen Hauses in der Schwedter Straße in Berlin stehen oft selbst bis in die tiefe Nacht hinter der Rezeption und kümmern sich um die Belange und das Wohlbefinden der Gäste.