Cheap ways to travel through Germany, our insider tips!

Berlin traffic light
Visit Berlin!

Traveling from or to Berlin, read this blog post, it might safe you some money!

Since a lot of the guests that we welcome at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel are visiting Berlin as a part of a longer tour through Germany or Europe, it happens quite often that guests stop by at the reception and ask us for help planning their trip. We offer a lot of information and we are glad to help our guests with planning their trips throughout Germany and Europe.

We always do our best and try to look for the easiest and cheapest ways to travel. There is news here, since there are two new bus companies offering low price tickets to travel from and to Berlin. MeinFernBus and FlixBus are the names of the two new companies. They are fairly cheap, so please check it out!

The buses depart from the ZOB, the central bus station in Berlin. You can book the tickets online.

Please keep coming to us at the reception if you need any help with this!

Enjoy your travels!

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