Coming up events in Berlin in Summer! Our top 5!

karneval der kulturen(c)Daniela Incoronato

I don´t know about you but we can´t wait for the summer and the nice weather to finally drive the winter away! With this blog post we would like to inform you on some cool events and festivals that are taking place in Berlin this summer. We are already getting in the mood just by thinking of it :)!

From music festivals to art fairs, for everyone there is something he or she likes! read on and plan your trip to Berlin straight away! if you are looking for a cozy and clean hostel in Berlin, you are welcome to stay at our place!


1. Berlin Lacht

International Street Theater Festival at Alexander Platz. Takes place from the 1st of August till the 18th.
This is street theater at his best! Expect the unexpected!
There will be acrobatic, live music, clowns and a lot of more different kinds of performances!

this festival is there to make you smile and laugh!

2. Karneval der Kulturen, from the 17th till the 20th of May

The carnival of cultures is the festival of the year, and attracts lots of tourists and Berliner.

It is a festival to celebrate cultural diversity. People form all over the globe ghet together to try dishes from different countries, listening to bands from all over the world and simply just enjoy the great atmosphere. The highlight is the big Karneval Parade, that takes place on May the 19th!

3. Christopher Street Day

This is the pride parade of the year! There will be more than half a million people present at the Christopher Street Day parade, demonstrators and spectators.  It is a very diverse crowd at the parade, gay and straight, young and old, from all over the world. One thing they have in common, they are pleading fair play for diversity!

It is a political parade but also a really big party, so make sure to be there!  It takes place on the 22nd of June.

4. Fete de la musique

this vibrant music festival is celebrating the start of the summer ever year in Berlin, with a lot of live music all through the city!

This is thé festival for live music, all around town!
this amazing event takes place every year, on the 21st of June, the day the summer begins…..
Special about this festival is, it´s totally for free and really all around the city! It is an open air festival, a lot of different bands with different musical styles will perform and turn the city into one big live open air stage!

Close to the EastSeven Hostel you will find the fete de la musique at the Mauerpark, at Bassy Cowboy club and ZumDrittenman (kollwitzstrasse/sredzkistrasse)
The festival starts at 4pm, and will approximately end at 10pm….after this there will be after parties at many different locations….fete de la nuit!

5. 48 Stunden Neukölln, from the 14th of June till the 16th

a really inspiring and fun art and cultural festival that takes place in the neighborhood Neukölln!
The Festival takes place from June 14th till June the 16th, and there will be a lively and diverse program.

What can you expect?? There will be live performances, arts, readings, theater and dance. The Festival is the biggest festival of arts in Berlin, so make sure that you don´t miss out on this.

What is so cool about this festival is that the venues where it takes place are diverse and all through the neighborhood, in private homes, small galleries, in pubs,  neighborhood centers and parks.


We already wish you a fantastic time in Berlin, and we hope that the summer starts real soon!! Hey, and if you want more information on what to see and do in Berlin read our other blog posts or visit us at the EastSeven reception!


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