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Berlin events

what to expect in Berlin in 2013? A lot of cool events and exhibitions are being held in the german metropole.

we have made a selection, a top 5, of events and exhibitions coming up in this winter in Berlin!

1. Transmediale

” an ongoing adventure in art, culture and technology”

Transmediale is a Festival based in Berlin and it takes place on a yearly base.

It is about making new connections between culture, technology and art. Every year the festival attracts artist, designers, students, activists and professionals from all over the globe.  Besides exhibitions and performances there are also screenings and publications that take place.

2. Berlinale

this years Berlinale, taking place for the 63rd time, will attract lots and lots of visitors from all over the globe. It is one of Berlins most famous international film festivals.

The program for the public shows about 400 different films from different countries every year. These are mostly european and international premieres.

If you want to go see one of the movies that are being shown during the Berlinale, it is wise to order your tickets in time!

3. Exhibition German History Museum on Nazi-Germany

the exhibition “Diversity destroyed”  will be shown in the German History Museum from January 31st till November 10th. In this year, 2013, it is 80 years since the ” seize of power” of the Nationalist.

“It will show how the social diversity and cultural avant-garde that had turned 1920s Berlin into a pulsating metropolis were destroyed after 1933 when the National Socialists came to power. In this way the exhibition will provide significant insight into the conditions and consequences of Hitler’s rise to power.”

4. 100° Berlin Festival

a 4 day marathon of music, dance and theater performances being held at 2 locations, Hebel am Ufer and SophienSaele. It is a real marathon with performances being held every hour! For an exact program check their websites, or just go there and let yourself be surprised!

From the 21st of February till the 24th.

5. Hamburger Bahnhof Secret Universe IV

George Widener, the 4th in a row of artists that have been largely ignored by the established art discourse…

the exhibition opens at the 25th of January and will be shown at the Hamburger Bahnhof until June 16th.

The most important series and works of George Widener will be shown and also some new drawings, developed especially for this exhibition.

The Hamburger Bahnhof is always worthwhile a visit. It is a big museum for contemporary art, located close to the Berlin main train station.


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