Dinnerparties at the EastSeven hostel kitchen, amazing food for free!!


Traveling on a budget? Book a cheap bed in Berlin  at EastSeven and join in on one of the dinnerparties!
Although Berlin is not too expensive when it comes to eating out, still it is always nice to
safe money when you are traveling on a budget.
For over a year already, we started with the concept of free dinner parties. At first, only on
Mondays. A short description on how it works.  Everyone who is staying at the hostel can sign up for the dinner.  Also, if you love cooking too, you
can join in, which is always a lot of fun! Our cooks usually start preparing the dinner around 6pm, so just come to the kitchen and have a look what is going on.

During the dinner party we have special prices for drinks at the reception, meaning happy
hour for all our fantastic beers, not for one hour but at least for four hours.


The idea of cooking and eating togehter was to help travelers, not only to safe some
money, but also to get in touch with fellow travelers. Not seldom do people get together
after the dinner for a night of clubbing.
After the great succes of our Monday dinner parties we started cooking for our guests on Wednesdays as well!


What´s next? Maybe wel will be organizing more of these events in future 🙂 we will keep you posted here!! Enjoy your stay in Berlin.

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