Don´t know what to do in Berlin? 5 good reasons to come to Berlin in June.

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Just read our blog post and get informed on events happening this  month!

1. 48 Stunden Neukölln
a really inspiring and fun art and cultural festival that takes place in the neighborhood Neukölln!
The Festival takes place from June 14th till June the 16th, and there will be a lively and diverse program.
What can you expect?? There will be live performances, arts, readings, theater and dance. The Festival is the biggest festival of arts in Berlin, so make sure that you don´t miss out on this.
What is so cool about this festival is that the venues where it takes place are diverse and all through the neighborhood, in private homes, small galleries, in pubs,  neighborhood centers and parks.
Check the website for the detailed program!

2. All Nations Festival – Around the world in one day!

The All Nations Festival is being held in Berlin since 2001 and takes place every year. Around 25 embassies, foreign cultural institutions and consulates open their doors for visitors. It is the unique opportunity for you to get an impression of the diplomatic work and also of the countries that are being represented. Some nice activities and different kind of food delicacies complete the open day!
What you need to do to get in: All Nations Festival Ticket and Identity Card
The All Nations Festival Ticket allows to enter the participating embassies and consulates. This ticket is free of charge, and you can get it at the Berlin tourist information stalls at Hauptbahnhof, Neues Kranzler Eck and Brandenburg Gate. The ticket can also be downloaded online. On the Festival’s day tickets are avalibale at the embassies but only on a limited amount. Besides the ticket, everyone needs a passport or identity card to enter the insitutions.
All Nations Festival 2013 Berlin Facts:
When: 15th of June 2013

Where: Various locations all over Berlin

Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Entrance: Free, passport or identity card is required

3. Christopher Street day parade, on June 22nd 2013
This is the pride parade of the year! There will be more than half a million people present at the Christopher Street Day parade, demonstrators and spectators.  It is a very diverse crowd at the parade, gay and straight, young and old, from all over the world. One thing they have in common, they are pleading fair play for diversity!
It is a political parade but also a really big party, so make sure to be there!

4. Fete de la Musique, on June 21st
this vibrant music festival is celebrating the start of the summer ever year in Berlin, with a lot of live music all through the city!
Thé festival for live music, all around town!
this amazing event takes place every year, on the 21st of June, the day the summer begins…..
Special about this festival is, it´s totally for free and really all around the city! It is an open air festival, a lot of different bands with different musical styles will perform and turn the city into one big live open air stage!
Close to the EastSeven Hostel you will find the fete de la musique at the Mauerpark, at Bassy Cowboy club and ZumDrittenman (kollwitzstrasse/sredzkistrasse)
The festival starts at 4pm, and will approximately end at 10pm….after this there will be after parties at many different locations….fete de la nuit!

5. Festival at Bergmannstrasse
Bergmannstraßenfest is an open-minded and multi-cultural street festival, in the Bergmannstrasse in Kreuzberg.

Their will be international food delicacies, art and handcraft stalls and live music. The festival attracts both locals and tourist and is known for its friendly atmosphere.
Various stages are lined up in the street, you can watch children´s theatre, comedy performances and live jazz music performances.  It is actually the Jazz music that makes this festival popular in particular. There will be 50 different national and international artists performing Jazz music on three stages!

Bergmannstraße 5
10961 Berlin

Opening Hours:    28th – 30th of June 2013

have a fantastic time in Berlin and a lot of greetings from the hostel in Berlin, EastSeven.

If you need help with “how to get there” just come ask us at the reception!

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