EastSeven Berlin Hostel listed on Bett & Bike Website

EastSeven Hostel welcomes cyclists
EastSeven Hostel welcomes cyclists

The EastSeven Berlin Hostel welcomes cyclists from all over the world

Recently our hostel has been listed on the bett und bike website. This is a website especially for cyclists who are looking for a bike-friendly accommodation across Europe.  Our hostel is selected as being a very good accommodation for cyclists.
At the EastSeven Berlin Hostel you can rent qualitative good bikes.
If you bring your own bike you can park it savely in our garden or in our basement.
Also we offer all kinds of equipment for  small repairs to your bike, and there is a good bikestore in our street.
Despite being a big metropolis Berlin is ideal for an exploring biketour. Almost all big streets are featured with a bicycle track. Riding a bike in Berlin reduces the disctance between all cool sights!

To find  nice bicycle routes in Berlin visit BBBike.

Have fun exploring Berlin by Bike!!

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