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home-made mulled wine!
home-made mulled wine!


it´s almost christmas time and its really cold in Berlin…to get into the mood and to warm up a little, we now sell mulled wine (glühwein) at the reception. Everyday from 5pm on you can smell the glühwein from miles away, hmmm.
Do(n`t) drink too much, this stuff really makes you drunk…

Last friday there was a filmcrew at the hostel. They were from the ZIBB programm on RBB-Tv, a local channel.

Somewhere next week the EastSeven Berlin hostel will be featured in ZIBB, which is ofcourse really exciting.
They interviewed Jörg Schöppfel, one of EastSeven Hostel owners, and also a couple of our guests.

Today there is, as always on mondays,  the amazing free food party. It´s still a big surprise what our friendly cook Florian is going to cook  for us tonight. But one thing is for sure, it´s gonna be delicious and lots of fun. To join you need to sign up at the reception. Meet up with Florian and other hungry travelers at 7pm in the hostel lounge and kitchen.

Tomorrow there is the yearly Christmas party for the entire  EastSeven Staff….We will all eat together, Jörgs famous  ‘Grünkohl’, play a game of Wichteln, and of course we will be drinking lots of mulled wine, beer and so on….

If you´re staying in Berlin during the Christmas Holidays I would recommend to visit one of the many christmas-markets in Berlin, check out our Christmas-market-Blog for more detailed information.

For parties around christmas and new years eve check out the personal recommendations of the EastSeven staff ONLINE.

That´s all for now! See you soon in Berlin at EastSeven :)!

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