EastSeven Hostel wins a Hostelworld Award!

Hostelworld Award May 2013
Hostelworld Award May 2013

We are very happy and proud to let you all know that we have won an award from Hostelworld: we are 2nd best hostel in Germany!! This is absolutely cool and we want to thank Hostelworld and all the customers that gave our hostel a good review on Hostelworld.

Since the opening of our small and independent hostel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg we have won various Awards from various different booking platforms.  We have managed to get voted as one of the worlds best hostels every year. We try hard to keep the good work up and it is always very rewarding to win a Hostelworld award. It gives us the feedback that we are still doing a great job. this is for us a big motivation to stay on top of things and to give our bests to earn more awards.

One of the best things about winning an award is to get the direct feedback that the customer is satisfied. In the end that is what we are all doing it for.  Making our guests feel at home and happy at our cozy hostel.

What we do ourselves to get feedback from our guests is to motivate them to tell us, if they were missing anything and if they were happy with our hostel. We take the personal feedback from our guests very seriously. And although there are things that lay beyond our power, like the lack of an elevator, there are things we were able to improve during the years.

At the beginning we didn´t offer our guests a breakfast-buffet. After getting the feedback moreover, that the guests would love to have a breakfast buffet, we started to offering one.

Another thing we heard from our guests is that they would like the hostel to organize some events during the week. We thought this was a good idea. Now, once in a while, we have a musician coming over and playing some songs for our guests in the hostel lounge. Also there is the supper club dinner night, where guests can cook a meal for other travelers and earn a nights stay for free…

With this blog post we would like to thank all our Hostelworld Customers for giving us great ratings and writing good reviews for us, thank you sooooo much!!!

Also we would like to thank our staff, for giving everything they have to make our hostel what it is!

Hope to see you all one day at EastSeven!


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