Exhibition: Squatting; rembering, forgetting, occupying

Berlin Art
Berlin Art

An intersting exhibition; our personal recommendation for all travelers visiting Berlin

squatting shows 22 works by seventeen artists in a format that aims to involve visitors in a mostly serious, sometimes entertaining, but always intense dialog with art. The exhibition takes as its point of departure a form of memory that is not only backward-looking. This active form of remembering—and forgetting—is understood as a need felt by society as a whole, and as one basis for the production and reception of artworks. squatting brings together works which take memory as their theme and focus on experiences with places, situations, people, and actions. The featured artworks occupya space (the Temporäre Kunsthalle) whose location (Schlossplatz) is itself charged with political memories and ideological interventions.

squatting responds to this as a themed group show in which attention centers on encounters between individual artwork and viewer. The exhibition is based on an iconic exhibition practice which artist Tilo Schulz and curator Jörg van den Berg have been developing since the late 1990s. The focus is placed on the presence of the individual artwork, developing a network of connections in terms of form and content between the works on display. Blocked-off and opened spaces, lines of sight and movement emphasize both the differences and the links between the various works: to experience the whole exhibition, visitors must access and leave the Kunsthalle via three different entrances. The space of art (inside) and the space of political memory (outside) remain separate, but are woven together in the visitor’s movement. squatting shapes a specific place that offers visitors a pictorial vocabulary as material for active further processing.

The Artists:
Heike Kati Barath, Annika Eriksson, Carsten Fock, Franka Hörnschemeyer, Sven Johne, Šejla Kamerić, On Kawara, Thomas Locher, Antje Majewski, Olaf Nicolai, Anna Oppermann, Manfred Pernice, Bojan Šarčević, Michael Schmidt, Gitte Villesen, Simon Wachsmuth, Haegue Yang.

curated by Tilo Schulz in cooperation with Jörg van den Berg.

Opening Hours:

Daily from 11-18 @ Schlossplatz

Exhibition ends at 24th of may.


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