Festival season has opened, Top 10 of great Festivals in Berlin

karneval der kulturen(c)Daniela Incoronato
karneval der kulturen(c)Daniela Incoronato

Here is our TOP 10 of Festivals in & around Berlin

1. Fete de la Musique

on the 21st of June, when summer officially starts, there is a big music festival to celebrate it! It is an open air Festival, with a broad variety of music styles and different bands from all over the world.  And the cool thing is, it´s all for FREE.
The festival starts at 16h and there will be a lot of after parties too! Enjoy Berlin at its best!

2. Carneval of Cultures, 10-13 June

Another fantastic yearly event is the Carneval of Kultures ( Karneval der Kulturen) in Berlin Kreuzberg.

The festival presents the cultural and ethnic diversity of Berlin. What to expect? A lot of live performances, there will be bands playing but also street theater performances take place. Not to forget, a lot of delicious food from many different countries, will be prepared for you to try out! It is a very colorful street festival, if you are in Berlin, don´t miss out on this.

The procession takes place on the 12th of June.

3. International Performance Art Festival

From 7. to 21. May 2011, the International Performance Art Festival will take place in Berlin for the fifth time. The Festival is an unique art festival, with workshops, labs and performances, is among the most important platforms for performance art.
Over 100 Berlin and international artists will present themselves in a performance marathon. During the kick-off on May 14 and 15, it will be possible to see what constitutes performance art: spontaneous creativity, confrontation, experiments, in short: artists in real-time.
What takes place can then serve as inspiration for all interested individuals. Performance labs with the artists will give participants the opportunity to pursue their own creative impulses and to present the results to the public in the finale on May 20 and 21.

4. International street theatre Festival `Berlin Lacht`
International Street Theater Festival at Mariannenplatz, 24-26th of June

This is street theatre at his best! Expect the unexpected!

There will be acrobatic, live music, clowns and a lot of more different kinds of performances!

I am sure it will bring you to laugh :)!
5. Berlin Festival @ former Airport Tempelhof

On the 9th and the 10th of September it is time for some great music and shows at Tempelhof Airport and Club XBerg. It is the music Festival of the year, right in the heart of Berlin, at former Airport Tempelhof. After parties take place at Club XBerg.

6.48 Stunden Neukölln 2011: art festival Neukölln
From 17 – 19 June (Friday 7 pm- Sunday 7 pm) there will be ample opportunities to view or even participate in visual arts, theatre, dance and performance events, readings, guided tours and parties. All this occurs in the streets, parks and other open public spaces in Neukölln, as well as in galleries, theatres, artists’ studios and neighbourhood centres, in cafés and bars, private flats or even in rather unexpected places. This opportunity lasts a mere 48 hours: for these 2 days, everyone can call him- or herself a Neuköllner. Each of the neighbourhoods has its own local “art branch office” or “Kunstfiliale”: Reuterkiez, Flughafenkiez, Richardkiez, Körnerkiez, Schillerkiez, Passagenkiez. The areas in between are referred to here as Anderswo (other locations).

7.Fly BerMuDa Festival at Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport

will be back for the second time on 5th November giving the Berlin Music Days its glorious finale.

One can expect to be enthralled by the annual gathering of the Crème de la Crème of electronic music artists. The event will be spread across 2 main floor, 2 club floors all backdropped with spectacular visuals, complete with a cozy chillout area.
All this, in the unique and ambient space of Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport.

8. 15. Internationales Berliner Bierfestival
from the 5th till the 7th of August, the Frankfurter Allee in Berlin turns into one big beer event! there will be over 300 different breweries, from 86 different countries, sellling more than 2000 different kinds of beer!

Also there will be some live music! Its the perfect festival to visit in the summer before you go clubbing. There is no entrance fee!

9.DMY international design Festival-01-05 June 2011

The DMY International Design Festival Berlin will anew take place in the impressive architecture of historic city airport Berlin Tempelhof. The central exhibition showcases pioneering and foresighted works by over 500 professional designers, brands and new talents. Reflecting on design as a full circle system, the central exhibition is accompanied by a vast program of satellite exhibitons and events such as Designer Talks, Lectures, Open Design and Material Workshops, an Award Show and numerous networking events.

10. Tanz im August

This is an international Dance Festival. It takes place from August the 12th till August the 28th.
This years programm will be announced in June. Just check their website

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