Football World Cup

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Finally the time has come. During the next month Brazil will host the World Cup 2014. And everybody in Germany hopes the time has come for a German world champion. But there are plenty strong and young teams that will give us great competition, like Brazil, Belgium, Swiss, Italy, Argentina, Chile, USA (with our German hero from 2006 “Coach Jürgen Klinsmann”) and many more.


The World Cup will be hold during the next month starting tomorrow “12th of June”. The final will be on Sunday the 13th of July. So the next weeks will be filled with surprises, happiness, pressure and many beers. But only for some of us the dream, of beeing the worl champion, will become true.


During the Worl Cup Berlin offer several “public viewing” station’s all over the city. Some of them we would like to introduce to you. They range from small bars to main public viewing areas like in front of the “Brandenburger Tor”.


Lets start with the once that are close to the Hostel.


1. The first place we like to introduce to you is called “FIT – freie internationale tankstelle ” and its just on the other side of the street. On the corner of Schwedter Straße and Templiner Straße. It is a small house that was used to be a gas station. Now it serves as a creative filling station as a intersec for artist and non artist. It encourages everyone to become be part of a new fuel.




2. Fussball Club Tante Käthe


This place is a proper football beach bar. They show all the Bundeslig and Champions league games. And of course they will show all the World Cup games too. It is located right by the Mauerpark, like 15 minutes walking from the Hostel. Its not really big, but the atmosphere is fantastic!!


Tante Käthe


3. Kulturbrauerei


The Kulturbrauerei used to be an actual beer brewery. And is now used as an cutural center for Clubs and lots of different events. They will show each and every game on a 24 m² LED wall. Thats pretty big! 🙂

They charge a 3€ for every Germany game and also for the final games. All the other matches are free. The Kulturbrauerei is just a 15 minutes walk away from the Hostel.




4. Alois S


The Alois S Bar is known for good beer, tasty wine and great tapas. This is the right place for spanish fans. But everybody else is welcome too! 😀


Alois S


5. Hops & Barley


The Hops & Barley is a small brewery in Berlin-Friedrichshain, which brews its beer since 2008 near the Boxhagen place. Their goal is to enrich the Berlin beer culture. In addition to traditional beers such as Pilsner, Dark and wheat, we brew almost weekly specialty beers. Good self brewed beer and football….. any questions?!?


Hops & Barley


6. Freiluftkino Insel at Cassoipeia

The Cassiopeia one of Berlin’s most famous Clubs. It is located near S-Bahn “Warschauer Straße” on an old train depot. This area is filled with clubs, bars, an indoor skatepark, a big climbing wall and the public viewing garden. One of our favorite places for sure.




7. 11 Freunde WM Quartier


Situated next to “Ostbahnhof” station on the area of the Postbahnhof Club you will find one of the biggest public viewing places in Berlin. Here you will feel almost real stadium atmosphere in a friendly environment. TOP TOP TOP


11 Freund Lager


8. Hofbräuhaus Berlin


The Hofbräu house is a classic beer hall. Good German food and stein beers. They will not show every game. But on their website you can find a list of all the games shown…


Hofbräuhaus Berlin


9. Branenburger Tor


The “Fanmeile” at Brandenburger Tor is the biggest of all the public viewing places in Berlin. With about 300.000 people watching the games on 7 big screens, you will feel like you are inside the stadium. It is great atmosphere! But sometimes you need half an hour to buy a beer. There are just soooo many people….


Brandenburger Tor


These are only few of all the public viewing places in Berlin. But we think these are the oce you should visit during your time in Berlin. For directions just ask at the reception.


Let the games begin…. 😀



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