German staff meeting 2009

German Hostel-Receptionist Convention 2009

For this year’s gathering of receptionist from all over Germany who work in member hostels of Backpacker Network Germany the EastSeven Berlin Hostel was proud to be the host.
About 40 hostel-receptionists from all over Germany (Kiel, Münster, Osnabrück, München, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stralsund, Leipzig …) arrived on Friday the 30th of January in the EastSeven Berlin Hostel for the weekend.
In the evening we all got together in the EastSeven lounge for a nice meal (tasty lamb stew) and some beers (some more as well …).

2009 Germany Hostel Staff Meeting I
2009 Germany Hostel Staff Meeting I

A lot of information on working in a hostel was shared and we collected heaps of stories about strange guest (Hamburg had the strangest to be honest). There was a lot of: ’so, and how does that work in your hostel?’ ; ‘ how are you handeling this and this situation?’ The big and never ending discussion was of course the eternal question about how the perfect hostel should be …
The next day we had a lot of sightseeing. In the morning we had the free walking tour with Brewers. (Brewers has a pick up at EastSeven Berlin Hostel twice a day)
In the afternoon we had kind of scary exiting insight to Berlin underground bunkers from World War II (and cold war) by this very enthusiastic guys (thanks a lot, we really recommend).
And then after sightseeing and tours in Berlin there was this heavy beerdrinking party organized for us in the Odyssee Hostel.

2009 Germany Hostel Staff Meeting II
2009 Germany Hostel Staff Meeting II

The next morning it was time to say goodbye.
A big breakfast Buffet was offered to our guests, and after drinking a couple of coffee together and eating some sandwiches it was already time to say goodbye.
But we will meet again next year, in a different hostel in a different town, but with the same enthusiasm!

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