Happy Birthday Deutsche Einheit!

Tag der Deutsche Einheit
Tag der Deutsche Einheit

On the 3rd of October it is the Tag der Deutsche Einheit,  the Day of German Unification. Celebrated are 22 years of German unity!

The 3rd of October, the day Germany was officially reunified is now a public holiday. This reunification is of course a good reason to throw one heck of a party! If you want to celebrate together with the Germans you must head to Brandenburg Gate. Here you will find live entertainment, music, dancing, food and drinks.

The celebration is not only for the locals, who have been separated for over 40 years by the  Berlin Wall. The organizers of this big celebration emphasize the pan_European dimension of 1989, when the breaching of the Wall showed that the cracks in East European Communism were starting to split wide open, letting unity between East and West flood through.

Festivities will be organized from October 1st till October 3rd. The party at Brandenburg Gate is on all day and free of any charges!

What is to be expected? There will be a huge stage at the Brandenburg gate On this stage some really cool artists from all over Germany will perform!

But there are more parties going on!For instance there are parties in various clubs in Berlin, tonight, on the second of October!

Your want to party tonight, then go to the Ankerklause! To celebrate the unification DJ Olli Goolightly will play Indie, Trash, Club-Pop, 80s, Wild style. You can also go to Ankerklause for its fantastic burgers!!

Also the Ballhaus Berlin dedicates tonights night to celebrate into the 3rd of October. DJ Chris will make sure everybody is gonna dance!

On the actual day of the unification, the 3rd of October,there will be a big party at Brandenburg Gate. A big stage in front of the BrandenBurg Gate will host various of artist, and the entire Strasse der 17.Juni will be in party mode.

Also there are activities especially for families with kids, like pony-riding. There is a big Ferris Wheel too, a great opportunity to have a view over Berlin!

Enjoy your visit to Berlin!



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