how to get into Berlin clubs for dummies


so, you want to get in there???

I’m a dummy and I did it many times – so can you

  • choose wisely! Is Berghain really the club for you? There are probably better clubs for you – especially if you are a straight couple – think about it. Each club serves a certain purpose
  • yes, you can wear black – all tourists do. It simply helps if you don’t have a loudly screaming LACOSTENIKEBLABLABLA print on your shirt. Keep it slick
  • drunk and shouty? Go to matrix! You will have a hell of a night with your lads. Don’t waste your time anywhere else
  • do you really want to get in? Remember the line-up. You are a music aficionado, not just a tourist. You came all over here because you LOVE TECHNO
  • you go to about blank? Yes, you love techno but HATE GERMANY! Remember that
  • don’t be obnoxious in the queue – don’t cut the line
  • don’t take pictures
  • are you 5 guys – find 5 girls to join you. Or 4, or at least 2!  Just don’t stand there as a group. Simple
  • be yourself, be confident – the bouncers do a hell of a job. They know people and can tell who fits in and who doesn’t. They like confident people
  • be nice!


Sometimes it’s just pure luck – don-t take it personal if you got denied access

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