How to spend a great week in Berlin?

Enjoying a lovely meal at the EastSeven Hostel
Enjoying a lovely meal at the EastSeven Hostel

Our amazing TOP 10 of cool and exciting activities, parties, museums etc.

1. as always on mondays, there is a Free Food spectacle at the EastSeven Hostel. Our cook Florian prepares, together with the guests, a delicious vegetarian meal. A nice way to start your evening and an opportunity to meet other travellers too!

2.Experience Berlin’s most famous multi-cultural market, the turkish market at Maybachufer. Shop for food or even a pretty souvenir. Cafés and bars are close by as well. The market is on tuesdays and fridays.

3.It´s getting colder outside so why not go to the Hamam to enjoy a really nice turkish bath and relax…
Hamam is a bathing ceremony of the cleansing of the body and soul. Relaxation and communication in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, are key elements of the Hamam culture. Here women from different cultures and walks of life work and meet.
You’ll find the Hamam at Mariannenstr. 6 in Kreuzberg
Please Note: It´s for women only!!!!
4. This friday only: the New Model Army live at Kesselhaus!
5. The White Trash Fast Food Club, just around the corner from our Hostel offers a broad variety on events. Often you will find live bands playing here, rock´n´roll dj´s and you can always stop by for a great burger and other fast food!! for an up to date programm klick HERE.
Photographs of the frontier’s opening at the Berlin Wall document the revolutionary events from 1989 and their consequences (Mon, Wed-Fri 10a.m.-6p.m., Sat+Sun 11a.m.-6p.m.)
Date: Sun, 08.11.2009(till 06.12.2009)
Location: Max-Liebermann-Haus, Pariser Platz 7, 10117 Berlin (Mitte)
Opening hours: Mo, Mi-Fr 10.00-18.00, Sa+So 11.00-18.00
7.More Markets: On saturday there is a really cool (but a bit expensive) organic market! check this out, also just to watch the hipp folks of the prenzlauerberg Neighberhood! And when you are there try for instance the turkish pancakes, they are good and cheap!
8. A new club just opened its doros : the Feinfeierei, They have cool parties on friday night. This friday: Sven Teet, drauf&dran,Nicorus & 2Komponentenkleber. For location and info´s klick HERE!
9.For a real German experience you should definately go watch the Berlin soccer team play this saturday at the Olympia Stadion (take the U2 subway from senefelder platz)
Berlin’s soccer team, Hertha BSC is playing vs. southern VFB Stuttgart at the Olympic Stadium.
This sporty event starts at 12:00.
10. A  typical thing to do on a sunday in Berlin is to go out for a Brunch. Lots of different cafes offer delicious brunches from early in the morning till about 17h. For instance you could go to the Gagarin, Schneeweisschen und Rosenrot or SchwarzSauer.

Okay, hope you all got on impression on how to spend your week or weekend in Berlin. Ofcourse, there is lots and lots more to do and to discover in Berlin. For more ideas I would like to invite you to check out the Staff Recommendations made by the EastSeven Berlin Hostel Staff.  Also check the Zitty Magazine for ALL events and parties in Berlin. Hope to see you soon in Berlin!!!!!

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