How to travel convenient in Germany

Ok, let’s face it. Travelling through Germany can strain your budget, especially if you are a spontaneous person like me. If you decide in the morning you want to go somewhere else and have a look at the Deutsche Bahn prices for that day you are close to an heart attack even before you had your first coffee.
Deutsche Bahn has some reasonably priced tickets but only if you book weeks ahead. Go to their HP and look for “Europa Specials” when you are still at home and are still planning your itinerary. You can find some sweet deal, but only if you are a person who is capable of planning more than one day in advance. However, if you are a bit like me you are screwed.
So, the big big question is: “how do I get to freaking Hamburg ?”  (or any other city except for Munich. People travelling to Munich have more money than sense anyway)

Last minute tickets through Ltur
You can find some sweet deal here. The page is I Germany ( of course) but on the top right corner you can change languages. Hola Senora .  They offer last minute train and flight tickets for the next 7 days. Also available are train tickets for most European countries
Seriously? Yes, seriously. I’m not telling you to ask a stranger at the checkout in the supermarket to take you along. There are proved and tested websites that will help you. used to be the biggest site but they lost shares after they introduced fees. is another one, which I prefer nowadays because you can use it also for international journeys. Through these sites you find people who would like to share gas costs so it is the cheapest way to travel and to meet people. Since you have their email and their phone numbers you are on the safe side. No funny stuff.
finally we have them too. After Deutsche Bahn lost the transport monopoly within Germany many bus companies emerged on the market. Since there is lot of competition at the moment you can expect to get some really nice deals. The biggest bus companies at the moment are ( page only in English but still quite comprehensive ) and  . We sell tickets for flixbus at the reception but you can also easily buy them on your own.

Any more questions? Come to the lovely EastSeven berlin Hostel and we will help you.
Safe travels

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