ITB Berlin- The worlds leading Travel Trade show



….from 10-14 March @ Messe Berlin

The ITB is the most important Travel Trade show in the entire world. This is the place where people who work in the travel industry and people who want to inform themselves about beautiful and exciting travel destinations meet eachother. All levels of the value added chain our presented @ the Travel Trade Show: booking engines, destinations, airlines, tour operators, hotels etc. It´s the biggest convention worldwide and its expected that this year´s ITB will attract tens of thousands of exhibitors, visitors and media representatives.
The first two days of the ITB are for Trade visitors only. The general public is welcome on the 13th and 14th of March.

ITB is located on the fairgrounds of Messe Berlin

For trade visitors the ITB is the perfect opportunity to meet business partners and ofcourse to do business.
For the general public it is the change to get inspired by the variety of holiday-options, fantasize about the ideal holiday and maybe book a vacation on the spot. It is an unique possibility to discover the travel-world in a few hours.
This is the place to get informed about upcoming travel trends, concepts and business opportunities.

Some interesting details:
How to get there? Klick HERE for directions.
Where is it exactly? PLAN of the venue.
What´s going on? Programm of the ITB.

For further information please check the ITB website:

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