Jewish Culture days

During the nex couple of days, Berlin will host the “Jewish Culture days”. So untill the 14th of September there will be live concerts and exhibitions with Jewish background.


Check out their website to get more INFO: Jewish Culture days


If you are interested in Jewish History, then you should also visit the “Jewish Museum” in Berlin. It is located Lindenstraße 9-14 (Kreuzberg). You can also find a mark point on the “EastSeven” Flyer. It is Europs biggest Jewish Museum and its known for its great architecture. At the moment they have exhibitions about an unusual perspective on the history of German-speaking countries. Two millennia of German-Jewish history is told from the perspective of the Jewish minority. This approach sets new priorities can be known events appear more complex and presents personal stories in addition to historical events. The other “temporary” exhibition tell you about the Jewish during the first World War.


Jewish Museum Berlin


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