Karneval der Kulturen, Carneval of Cultures Berlin 2013!

Karneval der Kulturen (c) Axel Kuhlmann

This yearly festival is all about celebrating different cultures and dance and party together. Just as every other year, Berlin is going to proudly present the Carnival of Cultures, which will take place from the 17th till the 20th  of May. A four-day street-festival, the Parade (on the 19th of May) and various parties throughout the whole city will make the Pentecost weekend to a real multi-cultural summer event.
The street party takes place onf Friday, from 4pm till midnight, on Saturday/Sunday from 11am till Midnight and on Monday from 11am till 7pm.
Where? At the Blücherplatz, Blücherstrasse, Zossener straße and the Waterlooufer, in Berlin Kreuzberg
Street procession: On the day of the big parade, about 4.400 participants organized in 76 groups will change Kreuzberg into a sea of colors and ideas.
About 700.000 visitors are expected to celebrate Berlin’s diversity along the route.
The street procession focuses on the cultural richness of Berlin, and also highlights the often hidden treasures of its international cultural scene. It questions everyday life and politics. Carnival is a combined art form that embraces many aspects of artistic expression. Due to the global migration currents it is multifaceted and of mixed styles.
The Carnival of Cultures is open to everybody and all forms of cultural expression. It is regarded as a platform for a proud expression of hybrid cultural identities, containing traditional and contemporary elements. It includes and attracts all age groups, professional artists and amateurs, people from all walks of life.
The procession takes place on Sunday the 19th of May, from 12.30-21.30. It starts as everey year at Hermannplatz.
There will also be a lot of live music. Listen and dance to the sound of Berlin: four different stages – Bazaár Berlin, Eurasia, Farafina & Latinauta – want to introduce Berlin’s music scene as well as international bands to you.
Stilt-walkers, acrobats and magicians settle on the grassland and invite all visitors to test their own abilities in those fields and practice their skills in creativity.
330 market stalls attract with culinary seducements, arts and crafts and much more.
But it’s more than just a big party – the Carnival of Cultures is a reflection of Berlin‘s cultural diversity. It brings together professional artists and amateurs, young and old, and – furthermore – is a great opportunity for members of Berlin’s ethnic communities to make their cultures visible to Berliners and visitors equally. Whether it’s traditional or modern – every culture gets its chance to add their aesthetic vision to the capital‘s reputation as a vibrant and constantly changing metropolis. Being part of this traditional event has always been an unbelievable experience for both, visitors and participants.The procession takes place on Sunday the 19th of May, from 12.30-21.30. It starts as every year at Hermannplatz.
Another thing that might interest you, there is no entrance fee!
(text & info from: http://www.karneval-berlin.de/)
Address: Carnival of Cultures
Blücherplatz 1
10961 Berlin
Public Transport:
U Hallesches Tor: U1, U6
U Mehringdamm: U6, U7
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