Let´s go outside! A top 10 for enjoying Berlin open air.

EastSeven garden

A top 10 of the best outdoor places to go to during your visit in Berlin.

The trees are green again and the sky is blue,  Berlin we love you ♥♥!

If your coming to Berlin during the spring and summer time you will notice that all the Berlin life is  happening outside. People are hanging out in parks, or they  sit on the sidewalk in front of their houses. Simply enjoying the sun!

To give you some inspiration on what to do, we have listed up some cool outdoor bars, open air cinemas and swimming pools. Berlin Summer we are ready for it!

1. Open air cinema
the days are long and the nights are hot!  If you want to see a great movie with English subtitles or in English language go to the open air cinema Kreuzberg!! @ Marianneplatz 2!!
After watching a movie you can stay in Kreuzberg to explore this cool neighborhood. A lot of nice bars and clubs are within walking distance from the open air cinema!

2. rent a boat
on the water its more cooler than anywhere else in the city, so why not rend yourself a boat and have fun!
for instance you could rend a paddle boat @ Spreeboote  It is located close to S-Bahn station Rummelsburg, easy to reach by public trasnport!
Or you can rent a small boat at the Schlachtensee, which is also a really popular lake for swimming and sunbathing! easy to reach, there is a S-train station Schlachtensee.
For help on how to get there and back, please ask us at the reception!!

3. The Volkspark am Friedrichshain
is a very big park with a lot of different things to see and do. There is a fairytale-fountain, a sportpark, a beach-volleyball-area and a open air cinema!
It is perfect for jogging, pickniks, or just a nice and relaxed strawl. In the middle youll find Friedrichshains highest hill, which provides a 78-metre high view over Berlins flat terrain. The hill was actually man-made to cover up a destroyed anti-aircraft bunker from World War II, as well as several tonnes of bombed out rubble.

4. Badeschiff Berlin
By far the most hip swimming pool in town! Also it is the most extraordinary swimming pool Berlin knows. It is floating on the river spree!
It is  one of the coolest meeting points in town. There is an open air bar and a beach-like sunbathing area. They organize events, they serve food and drinks, it is perfect for a day of relaxing and chillin´.
Centrally located and easy to reach by public transport or by bike!
3€ entrance Fee.

5. Wannsee Beach complex
Together, the Wannsee Lake and the surrounding Grunewald and Düppel forests form one of the most popular recreational destinations in southwest Berlin. The Wannsee, which is actually a large bulge of the Havel River, offers a wide variety of excursions and leisure trips to the Brandenburg countryside. The Berlin Stern- and Kreisschifffahrt boat tour service is located directly in front of the Wannsee S-Bahn station.
Check here to see a map of the exact location
4€ entrance fee

6. Summer time is ice cream time
you can find ice cream shops on almost every corner in Prenzlauer berg.
Some of our favorites are: kleine eiszeit, kauf dich glücklich and cuffaro. All located within walking distance from the hostel. Just ask us at the reception, we will show you how you can walk there.

7. Relax at EastSeven Berlin Hostel Garden

why not just stay at the hostel?! We have a relaxed big garden with lots of shade! There is a family sized BBQ you can use! So just get some ingredients from the shop down the road and start your BBQ- party!!

8. Go for a swim at lake Krumme Lanke
Located at the forest of Berlin Grünewald, this nice and clean swimming water and the perfect green surroundings almost makes you forget that you are in the exciting metrople Berlin.  It is easy to reach by Public transport, also you can take your bike in the subway so you can do a little bike tour through the forest.  It is really refreshing to end your bike tour with a cool dive into the lake, yay!!

9.Freiluftkino Mitte

this is a very small open air cinema, which will show all time favorites in original language with subtitles. Tickets  cost 5€. There are 75 seats, and you can buy drinks and snacks. Also you can bring your own food and drinks.

10. Deck 5
a rooftop beachbar….a bit difficult to find, that´s why its still a bit of a secret spot, which is cool. Go to the Schönhauser Arcaden shopping mall. Take the elevator to the 5th floor…and there you´ll have it: sun coktails and a great view…
Enjoy your stay in Berlin!

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