my favourite abandoned places in berlin


Berlin is full of empty, beautiful abandoned places and buildings. However, you should be quick if you want to see some of them. Developments are accelerating quickly in Berlin as there is an influx of new Berliners and rents are rising.
Most guests ask me about spreepark the abandoned theme park, so I will not mention it here in my list as you seem to know it all already.

1) say hi to the CIA – Teufelsberg (see above picture) field station
former spy station, the westernmost for the CIA and therefore the most important during cold war. You can still see the massive structures and walk in to a massive radome which will give you the best audio experience in your live.

2) creepy creepy BVG-Stadion and Freibad Lichtenberg
so creepy, I wouldn’t go there alone. Built 1928, abandoned already in the 80ies and falling apart since then. Bring your own water if you want to swim.

3) prime location failure
my favourite sight when cycling home. right at alexanderplatz, you will find this massive empty building once used by the gdr authorities. the top floor was reserved for the infamous stasi (secret police). the building was used after reunification as a centre to store all data collected by the Stasi so you could go there to find out who snitched at you.

4) 1936 olympic village
build by the nazis for the olympic games , later used as headquarters of the russian army. well, here you have the best of both worlds… quite an effort to get there since it is a bit outside of berlin, but totally worth it!

so, here you have my favourite places. please be careful when visiting. it is not necessarily legal to enter these premises as you can imagine.

no risk no fun

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