Nacht und Nebel festival Berlin!!!


Nacht und Nebel Berlin (c) Christian Kahle
Nacht und Nebel Berlin (c) Christian Kahle

Nacht und Nebel is an ART and Cultural Festival and gives you an insight in the vivid and upcoming art scene in Berlin Neukölln. When? On Saturday the 3rd of November from 18h till Mid night. This year it is the 11th time the festival takes place!
You are curious what is on the menu? You can count on dance, workshops, performances, theater, music, film etc. etc. There are all kinds of different exhibitions in the many ateliers, galleries bars and cafe´s in Neukölln. A total of 100 different places with different kind of performances invite you to come to Neukölln for this year´s Nacht und Nebel Festival.
Nacht und Nebel starts at 6pm at the Schillerpalais. The opening ceremony takes place at the Schillerpalais  and will be held in sign language too! That is because this year they are trying their best to make the festival barrier-free! There will be special taxis reserved for people in a wheel-chair, making the festival accessible and enjoyable for all of us, this is a great initiative.
You can check the website to have an overview of all the events on this night. On this program you can also see which events are barrier-free, meaning
The difference to most of the Art-festivals is that during the Nacht & Nebel Night you as a visitor have the opportunity to talk with the different artists. Most of the anticipating artists live in Neukölln, and through their art they reflect on the social-problems in this Berlin neighborhood. In this way they can pay an important contribution to the local community.
For most of the performances and exhibitions there is no entrance-fee to be paid!!
The after-party takes place at Villa Neukölln, Hermannstr. 233.
DJ Mohair Sam & Special Guests will bring you great Swing & soul music!

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We wish you a fantastic time in Berlin!

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