News from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel kitchen!

free food party!
free food party!

EastSeven Berlin hostel is cooking for her guests, every Monday and every Wednesday!

where can you find  a hostel like that? A cheap stay with a fantastic dinner on top of it, for free!
Don´t look any further, EastSeven Berlin Hostel offers it!

Twice a week the hostel kitchen is turning into a fun time cooking event. Guests who want to eat a long can also join in on the cooking, and take part in a cooking-workshop with Florian.  He knows how to slice onions without getting tears in your eyes!

Eating together is the perfect opportunity to meet other travelers, share travel-experiences and stories, and  getting your belly full while you are at it.
Usually the food is 100% vegetarian. But in summer we also organize BBQ´s.
Then we provide salads and bread, and the guests can bring the meat they like!

Here is in short how it works. We meet up at the hostel kitchen around 19h, anyone who wants can help. If you want you can bring your own ingredients too. Around 20h the food is ready! During the dinner party we have a happy hour! All our fantastic beers ( 0,5L) for only 1€!

Here is a video to illustrate it!

So that´s all for now, hope to see you soon in Berlin!!

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