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Do you know Obstler?
When you think about Germans you think of beer. Yes, indeed we do have some nice brews here indeed. For many reasons Germany is renowned for its excellent hoppy juice. However for many Germans the Obstler is as important as beer. The standard question after each meal is :”Obstler?”. A traditional German meal always end with this digestive. You can enjoy it straight or in an espresso, but always warm, never chilled.
Many families traditionally distil their own. Due to severe tax laws in Germany, many small distilleries are disappearing as you need to have an official license and are obliged to pay tax on every liter you produce. However, many still distill illegally.
The term Obstler derives from Obst, for Fruit in German. Obstler is spirit made from ripe fruit from fruits. For really mellow and high quality Obstler only fruits from meadows with scattered fruit trees (streuobstwiesen) may be distilled.
The distillation of schnaps has its origins in ancient times with and has an almost mystical touch.  Actually there is nothing mystical about it, if you don’t do it right, you turn blind. So you better be careful about what you are doing.
Obstler can be distilled from various fruits, like pears, apples, cherries or Mirabelle plums. The flavor you taste comes only from the natural aromas in the fruits before the distillation. No flavor is added afterwards. Sometimes it is quite astonishing how aromatic and mellow alcohol can taste.
We thought we might give you the possibility to indulge a bit into the german art of spirit burning. Coming soon at the EastSeven Hostel Bar: Obstler!
We say: enjoy!

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