Nordwind Festival For Nordic Performing Arts And Music – 30. September bis 7. Oktober in Berlin



For already the 3rd time in a row the Nordwind Festival takes place in Berlin, with a total of 27 performances.

What is to expect from this festival? Art in many different genres, but also lectures and workshops from Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, wich offers the viewers more insight in the exciting, mostly still undiscovered world of theatre, dance, film, and music from the nordic countries.

The rediscovery of Pathos and Emotion is a central theme this year. This means the redefinition and application of classical texts, theatrical means and a reflection on one´s own work.
The Exceptional Finnisch director Kristian Smeds  will be represented with 5 of his productions.
“Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe”, an intimate dialogue with the audience, as well as his deconstruction of the national epos “The Unknown Soldier” are some examples of Smeds’ cutting and precise look at the human soul.
In “A Doll’s House”, Müller and Vinge (NO) take Ibsen literally. They construct a colourful doll’s house which they offer up for total destruction.

The work “No Boundaries” from Bjarte Eike’s (NO) takes the audience on an  musical tour of extraordinary dimensions –  Under Eike’s direction, 17 musicians from 6 different nations will fill all three HAU venues and their surroundings with virtuosity, power and passion. Overwhelming baroque sensuality meets fuzzy dissonant Jazz.

The sincerity of play and utter fearlessness of big emotions is what connects Alan Øyen (NO) and Gunilla Heilborn (SE). In their choreographies, they play with our idiotically important desires and dreams, they take them seriously, question them and believe in them.

In order to avoid too great a risk of coziness,  three risky productions from Finland, Norway and Denmark have also been invited to the festival. “You are here” by the City Theatre Reykjavik and “Baktrüppen Light Metal Band” by Baktruppen, both deal with the financial world crisis.

Readings of new theatre texts, workshops, films, lectures and video works will broaden this look at an exciting theatre, dance, film and music scene in the Nordic countries,  still largely unknown in Germany.
To this years festival 89 artists from 9 nations are invited to Berlin and they are looking forward to discoveries, surprises, encounters, discussions and conversations with the berlin audience.

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Location: The Festival takes place at the Hebbel am Ufer Theatre.

Directions: From Senefelderplatz; take the U2 to Stadmitte. Here you switch to the U6 and head to Hallesches Tor.

For a map klick HERE

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