Opendoorsberlin, a new way of discovering Berlin!


In this blog-post we would like to introduce to you a brand new way of exploring the city of Berlin.
When you come to Berlin there are hundreds of tours you can choose from. Walking tours, boat tours, bike tours, bus tours etc. All of these tours focus on sightseeing and Berlin history.
But as we know, a lot of people are interested in experiencing Berlin beyond the touristic sights. They want to do what the insiders, the inhabitants of Berlin, do. They want to go where the insiders go.
Opendoorsberlin gives you the opportunity to have this insight in the way the people of Berlin live. It is an unique way to get in contact with the local culture and to get to know Berlin!
Visit real life in Berlin!
So this is your opportunity to experience real life in Berlin. With opendoorsberlin you get access to private Berlin-apartments. On every Saturday afternoon Berlin-citizens open their doors for you! They will show you around in their apartments and welcome you warmly to their private living-rooms. Have a seat and learn more about German hospitality and the Berlin way of life.
In one afternoon you can visit several private Berlin apartments and meet some of the people who call this vibrant city their home.
How does it work? Opendoorsberlin provide you with three addresses for you to visit. You will be warmly welcomed to the people’s homes! It is also a good way to discover various city districts and meet real people! Are you interested in how people in Berlin decorate their homes, then this is certainly a thing for you!
It is a wonderful possibility to get in contact with the city from a different point of view. The inhabitants not only show you around in their private place but tell you about some hidden places off the mainstream tourist trails. So you get to know what their favorite bars, museums or clubs are.
Take the chance and get inspired by real people in an authentic atmosphere.
You will be warmly welcomed!

For more information and to register online click here: Opendoorsberlin

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