Our top 10 of Events for this Week

Party at East7
Party at East7

Check out our amazing top 10 of cool events for this week.

1. Today its the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Check out the  Festival of  Freedom at the Brandenburg Gate. Or be part of the Mauer Mob.

2. Also today, there will be a delicious free vegatarian meal cooked at the EastSeven Kitchen! Sign up at the reception and join the cooking party at 19h in our Kitchen!

3.  Pay a visit to the Museum of communaction. On permanent exhibition are tools of the written word – wax seals, postcards and stamps (such as the famous Blue Mauritius), agents of the spoken and visual word – telephones (including some of the first), radios and film, and of the virtual – telegraphs and computers.

4. Go to the Bang Bang Club on thursday night to see some nice bands performing live. This thursday:

5. Experience Kreuzberg! Take a walk in gorgeous Viktoriapark and enjoy the great view from the plateau and then have an exquisite, but very cheap meal at either (vegetarian) Seerose or at Mutti’s (Großbeerenstr. 36). Then have drinks at one of the many nice bars/cafes at Bergmannstrasse.

6. Wintertime-Saunatime, YES! Warm up at the Olivin Welness Sauna just around the corner from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. With its Finnish sauna and the successful
blending together of a ‘lounge’ and ‘sauna’ into one environment, OLIVIN Wellness Lounge close-by the EastSeven is a true wellness oasis. Especially now in the long and cold Berlin winter time….

7. On saturday night, go to the St. George Klub in Berlin Kreuzberg to dance to some fine beats!!! Yes YES, Paul White, Pete from BBE, Suffdaddy, Stevo, Michael Rosen, Dirk Markham

8. What? It´s raining, again?! Good excuse for visiting all Berlin museums…. For instance the Jewish Museum or the New museum on the Museum Island.

9. Shopping makes Happy…go to the kastanienallee (a 3minute-walk away from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel). You´ll find some nice souvenir/second-hand/vintage/designer shops here.  You´ll have fun!

10. Last but not least, you must be hungry by now?!! Try the german food at Zum SchusterJungen, it´s the real stuff, from bratwurst to schnitzel to sauerbraten. Even as a vegetarian you can enjoy this restaurant, try the senf eier, yummie!!

Hope to see you soon in Berlin!

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