Our wintertime top 10 of things to do in Berlin!

@ EastSeven Lounge
@ EastSeven Lounge

It is winter time and yes it is chilly, rainy and dark in the city of Berlin. But that doesn´t mean you can´t have a great deal of fun!
Wintertime  is perfect for going partying till early in the morning, and sleeping all day. Or you can buy yourself a museum day pass and hop from the one museum till the next!
also of course, you can go on a walking tour and afterwards warm up in one of the nice and hot saunas close by the EastSeven Hostel.
I would say, come to Berlin in winter, it is still a great deal of fun!

A top 10 of things to do in Berlin, some suggestions for you, for more recommendations please do come ask us at the hostel reception.
1. Buy a museum day pass
and visit one of the follwing museums (or all of them) you won´t regret it: Pergamon Museum, Neue nationalgalery, Hamburger Bahnhof, Jewish Museum, Neues Museum.
2. Go on the Brewers Walking Tours
that is always a plan. And remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Make sure to wear something warm, and bring an umbrella, you´ll never know when it will rain or snow!
3. Visit the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre…

…it is one component of the memorial site ensemble at Bernauer Strasse. The ensemble consists of the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Chapel of Reconciliation and Documentation Center.
The Documentation Center on the history of the Berlin Wall provides historical information and educates the public. It makes information and in-depth programs available to the interested public. Beginning with the historical, political events that occurred at Bernauer Strasse, an area situated at the border between East and West and hence a focal point of German postwar history, the center researches and presents the history of the division of Germany. A visit is free of charge and really worthwhile!
4. Be a cook at the hostel and stay one night for free in a dorm room
it is the perfect change to meet other travelers, connect, cook and dine together. It will probably be a night you will never forget! If you like cooking for bigger groups than this is something for you!
5. Visit the Stasi prison in Berlin Hohenschönhausen

…it is free of admission on Mondays.The Memorial’s charter specifically entrusts it with the task of researching the history of the Hohenschönhausen prison between 1945 and 1989, supplying information via exhibitions, events and publications, and encouraging a critical awareness of the methods and consequences of political persecution and suppression in the communist dictatorship. The former Stasi remand prison is also intended to provide an insight into the workings of the GDR’s political justice system.
Since the vast majority of the buildings, equipment and furniture and fittings have survived intact, the Memorial provides a very authentic picture of prison conditions in the GDR. The Memorial’s location in Germany’s capital city makes it the key site in Germany for victims of communist tyranny.

6. Try German Food!

For instance at the restaurant Schneeweischen und Rosenrot.

Go here if you want to try tasty modern German food. What to expect? High quality products, German/Italian fusion dishes, and the best service in town!

And: East seven guest can get a 10% discount, ask for it at the reception! Easy to reach by foot.

7. Hamam Berlin
This is for ladies only! Located in the popular district Kreuzberg, easy to reach by public transport.
It´s getting colder outside so why not warm up a bit at  the Hamam to enjoy a really nice Turkish bathing ritual…
Hamam is a bathing ceremony of the cleansing of the body and soul. Relaxation and communication in a warm and pleasant atmosphere are key elements of the Hamam culture. Here women from different cultures and walks of life work and meet.
You’ll find the Hamam at Mariannenstr. 6 in Kreuzberg
Opening hours: daily from 15h till 23h
Entrance fee: 14€ for 3 Hrs
8.Visit the TV Tower

Built in 1969 as a symbol of East German socialism, this 368m tower, the largest structure in Germany, even has its own revolving café/restaurant. A trip to the top also offered a rare chance for East Germans to see what life on the other side of The Wall was really like.
If youre going up the TV tower – go after dark, when most of Berlins landmarks are illuminated.

9. Stiftung Topographie des Terrors – Topography of Terror
It was the center of Nazi terror and power between 1933 and 1945; now this stretch of land next to the Martin Gropius Bau and not far from Potsdamer Platz is dedicated to documenting the chilling and murderous strategies, plans and actions of the Gestapo, SS and security branch of the Third Reich which were all once headquartered here.
Niederkirchnerstr. 8
10963  Berlin
Opening Hours: October-April: daily 10 am -6 pm
May-September: daily 10 am -8 pm
And there is no admission fee!

10. Go party till you drop!
Ask us at the reception where the best parties are or go on the 666 ANTI PUB CRAWL that leaves from our hostel!!


Enjoy your stay in Berlin in winter!!!

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